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Who are we?
Tickeron is an interactive marketplace that provides sophisticated AI-driven trading tools to investors and traders.
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What do we do for our users?
Artificial intelligence technologies make it possible to process huge amounts of information quickly and at minimal cost. Tickeron's main goal is to make these AI-driven, high-quality analytics available to the maximum number of users.
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What should you do if this page does not answer to all your questions?
We provide one-on-one sessions here.
You can also access our video manuals here.
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Select your trading style and view product recommendations
Find your way In Tickeron, you can Identify your trading style as a Swing Trader, Day trader, Investor, or Expert. We also have 3 types of subscription plans for each style as (Beginner, Intermediate one, and Intermediate two).

Once you identify your trading style, we recommend three subscription plans depending on your level. You can add or remove any product from your subscription plan by checking or unchecking the boxes.
Day Traders
1+ trades per day
Swing Traders
1+ trades per week
Active Investors
1+ trades per month
Passive Investors
1+ trades per year
Users customize Tickeron's
products which fit their trading
or investing styles
AI Robots
AI Robots are algorithm-based neural networks that generate several trade ideas per day. Tickeron creates robots for all types of traders (swing, trend, pair, etc.) and many asset types (stocks, ETFs and Forex). Traders can also assign a robot to a specific ticker.
AIAI Screener
The AI Screener generates buy / sell signals for thousands of stocks, ETFs, Forex and crypto. This unique tool also generates signals for groups of stocks, combined by industries, themes, and indexes.
AIAI Real Time Patterns (RTP)
RTP is the easiest way to find entry and exit prices for thousands of stocks, ETFs and Forex within minutes. AI discovers patterns and checks how they performed in the past, as evaluating past performance helps the AI to generate potential odds for a potential price move in the future.
Paper Trades
Paper trades give traders the unique opportunity to test trading ideas without risking actual money. Our users can virtually trade stocks, ETFs and Forex. We also offer a wide range of market analysis tools that can be used as a source of ideas for opening trades.
Users collaborate with other
Tickeron users trade or
investing ideas
Trader Clubs
For traders who enjoy actively trading and sharing trade ideas with other people, trading clubs are a good choice. You can compare the results of your trades and trades of your followers, communicate via chat and organize meetings via Zoom for live communication.
Paper Trade Exchange
The paper trade exchange allows users to exchange trading ideas in real time without the risk of losing money. Traders can create any number of products and make them free or paid. Also, if an trader's ideas are not fully developed, it is possible to follow trade signals from other users.
Users fully delegate the
management of their money to
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