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AI and Stock Trading: The Evolution of Tickeron's Virtual Accounts

AI and Stock Trading: The Evolution of Tickeron's Virtual Accounts

The landscape of stock trading is shifting significantly with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Tickeron, an innovative provider of AI-based stock trading tools, is at the forefront of this transformation. Their recently launched AI Robots - dubbed Virtual Accounts (VAs) - are equipped with an advanced risk management system, making it an essential tool for traders seeking a competitive edge.

The experts at Tickeron have meticulously crafted these high-tech stock trading bots by employing both technical and fundamental analysis. Responding to the growing demand for AI Robots with risk management capabilities, Tickeron designed sophisticated money management models. The result was their next-gen AI Robots, or Virtual Accounts.

The Virtual Accounts feature AI Robots that offer users the flexibility to modify their trading balance and position size. Traders can set their brokerage account balance and assign specific funds for each trade. The VAs are also equipped with a groundbreaking hedging system, providing the ability to initiate both long and short positions, acting as a safeguard against market downturns.

According to Sergey Savastiouk, Ph.D., CEO of Tickeron, the advent of Virtual Accounts marks a major milestone in the evolution of AI-powered trading tools. They streamline trading activities for users by replicating trades from the VAs.

Tickeron's progressive approach to enhancing AI trading tools has gone through four distinct development stages. The initial stage involved the development of AI Engines that perform technical and fundamental analysis. With growing user interest in these Engines, Tickeron introduced the unique concept of AI Robots.

Currently, Tickeron is in the process of developing the third generation of AI Robots. The first generation offered signals for users to manually replicate trades. The newly launched second generation, the Virtual Accounts, facilitate easy copying of trades for smooth execution. The upcoming third generation will seamlessly integrate VAs with brokerage accounts for real-money trades. The fourth generation, slated for a year-end release, plans to take automation a step further by connecting VAs directly to the users' brokerage accounts.

As an AI trading platform, Tickeron provides an array of sophisticated tools and resources for traders, investors, and neural network developers. The introduction of Virtual Accounts extends benefits to traders of all skill levels with its advanced risk management tools. These tools allow for trade automation, the customization of trading parameters, implementation of hedging strategies, enhanced risk management, adaptability to market changes, and ongoing improvement through AI advancements.

It's crucial for potential users to recognize the limitations of Tickeron's Virtual Accounts, details of which can be found on Tickeron's website. Furthermore, it should be noted that past performance is not a guarantee of future results, and investments in securities come with substantial risk.

As AI continues to reshape the financial industry, Tickeron's Virtual Accounts are set to become an invaluable tool for traders looking to amplify their trading capabilities. Tickeron's commitment to pioneering AI-driven trading solutions ensures they will remain at the forefront of this rapidly evolving space.

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The fundamental premise of technical analysis lies in identifying recurring price patterns and trends, which can then be used to forecast the course of upcoming market trends. Our journey commenced with the development of AI-based Engines, such as the Pattern Search Engine, Real-Time Patterns, and the Trend Prediction Engine, which empower us to conduct a comprehensive analysis of market trends. We have delved into nearly all established methodologies, including price patterns, trend indicators, oscillators, and many more, by leveraging neural networks and deep historical backtests. As a consequence, we've been able to accumulate a suite of trading algorithms that collaboratively allow our AI Robots to effectively pinpoint pivotal moments of shifts in market trends.