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With its Stock PSEngine, Tickeron uses AI to unlock hidden market insights

With its Stock PSEngine, Tickeron uses AI to unlock hidden market insights

The investment landscape has been dramatically transformed with the advent of Tickeron’s Pattern Search Engine (PSE), an AI-powered tool providing investors with insights derived from complex pattern recognition. This innovative platform leverages end-of-day price information, employing AI to analyze 39 distinct trading patterns, thus simplifying and enhancing investment decisions.

Historically, trading patterns have been considered a sophisticated investing strategy, combining consumer psychology with historical data to determine optimal buying or selling points. Manual analysis of these patterns demanded extensive time and was susceptible to human error. However, Tickeron’s PSE eradicates these issues, using AI to scan thousands of stocks, penny stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and Forex charts, delivering insightful market analysis. The distinguishing feature of this tool is its backtesting capability, allowing users to evaluate the performance of past pattern trading investments.

How does PSE work? The AI combs through approximately 5000 securities and ETFs, looking for any of the 37 identified pattern types. The AI deciphers patterns by their key geometrical components, which are formed by the fluctuating security prices charted over time. For instance, a Cup-and-Holder pattern is discerned when three points form a cup, signifying a security's price gradually falling then rising from left to right. Any further downward movement marks the handle of the cup, with prices eventually ascending to form the "holder."

Understanding stock trading patterns is akin to comprehending the psychology of market participants. Investors strive to predict future stock price movements by recognizing these patterns, thereby making informed investment decisions. While certain patterns are straightforward, many require a proficient eye and extensive research to interpret. Tickeron’s PSE employs AI to sweep markets for user-selected patterns, eliminating the complexities inherent in this trading strategy.

Once the AI identifies a user-selected pattern, PSE presents breakout prices, anticipated target prices, confidence level, and other crucial data to facilitate investment decisions. Users can easily set the criteria, including asset types, patterns to search for, and the minimum acceptable confidence level. Subsequently, the AI performs all the hard work and delivers results directly to the user’s inbox.

The versatility of Tickeron’s PSE is striking, offering filters for price range, asset class, confidence level, among others. Users can use multiple filters to refine their trading strategies, allowing them to focus on their specific investment interests.

Sergey Savastiouk, founder of Tickeron, asserts, “We wanted to create a tool that worked for investors at all experience levels... It’s really a tool that serves all audiences and we couldn’t be more proud to help support investing success.” Indeed, experienced traders and those new to pattern trading alike can capitalize on this intuitive platform. PSE includes comprehensive explanations of each trading pattern, historical data, and adjustable confidence levels to enhance successful investing.

As the world grapples with economic policy uncertainties not seen since 2020, the timing could not be more perfect for investors to embrace Tickeron’s PSE. It offers a streamlined, efficient approach to identifying trading patterns across thousands of stocks and other securities, saving precious time and reducing errors, thus enhancing investing success. In an increasingly digital financial landscape, Tickeron's AI-infused Pattern Search Engine is a game-changing tool, unlocking the potential of pattern trading and making it accessible to all.

Discovering Hidden Market Opportunities: Tickeron’s AI Stock Pattern Search Engine Simplifies Trading

Tickeron is revolutionizing the world of trading with its Pattern Search Engine (PSE), a cutting-edge tool that unlocks hidden market insights using artificial intelligence. This tool not only simplifies trading but also delivers a powerful approach to identify potential profitable stocks via pattern recognition.

A distinguishing feature of Tickeron's PSE is its user-friendly alert system. Users can customize their settings to receive notifications via email, Facebook, or push notifications. Investors can set their preferences once and receive daily alerts, or they can modify these settings to explore a wider variety of stocks and patterns. This flexibility empowers investors to stay updated in real-time, ensuring they don't miss out on potential investment opportunities.

Sergey Savastiouk, Tickeron's founder, acknowledges the valuable input from users in designing the PSE. “We’ve incorporated a great deal of user feedback into our PSE,” says Savastiouk. “Whether you’re looking for bearish or bullish patterns, PSE is designed to help you find exactly what you’re searching for, far faster than anyone could do manually. We’ve taken a process that used to take weeks and reduced the time to seconds with the power of AI. That’s something we’re very proud of with this new tool.”

In terms of accessibility, Tickeron offers a 14-day free trial of its AI Pattern Search Engine. After the trial, users can subscribe for $60 per month. For those who subscribe to Tickeron’s AI Robots, they can use the included credits to get PSE for free. This strategy demonstrates Tickeron's commitment to providing affordable, yet sophisticated, trading solutions.

“Pattern trading is very nuanced," Savastiouk explains. "With our PSE, traders get everything they need—from confidence levels to breakout prices to historical data analysis—right at their fingertips.” The PSE delivers a unique blend of advanced AI technology with user-friendly features. This combination ensures both novice and experienced traders can leverage the tool to increase their trading success.

The introduction of Tickeron's AI Pattern Search Engine signifies a leap forward in the trading industry. It offers a powerful, user-centric tool that utilizes advanced AI technology to deliver insights that were previously only available to the most experienced traders. As a standout product in the pattern trading field, Tickeron's PSE is poised to revolutionize the way investors interact with the stock market in the coming years.

Tickeron's Offerings

The fundamental premise of technical analysis lies in identifying recurring price patterns and trends, which can then be used to forecast the course of upcoming market trends. Our journey commenced with the development of AI-based Engines, such as the Pattern Search EngineReal-Time Patterns, and the Trend Prediction Engine, which empower us to conduct a comprehensive analysis of market trends. We have delved into nearly all established methodologies, including price patterns, trend indicators, oscillators, and many more, by leveraging neural networks and deep historical backtests. As a consequence, we've been able to accumulate a suite of trading algorithms that collaboratively allow our AI Robots to effectively pinpoint pivotal moments of shifts in market trends.