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Enhancing Your Trading Outcomes with Artificial Intelligence

Enhancing Your Trading Outcomes with Artificial Intelligence

Leveraging the appropriate tools can greatly simplify any task. Previously, stock traders were compelled to dedicate innumerable hours examining charts, graphs, and financial reports, and generating spreadsheets to anticipate market shifts. This process was labor-intensive and placed immense stress on traders to ensure the success of each trade.

Presently, technology has remarkably simplified these processes. Reporting and analytics are now accessible with a simple click, and artificial intelligence can scrutinize data to offer insights on the optimal timing and subject for trading. Although this might seem like a concept out of a science fiction narrative, AI is already in active use by traders globally to carry out a larger number of trades and generate higher profits.

Fascinatingly, the concept of utilizing mathematics to forecast behavior patterns of extensive groups was initially proposed by Isaac Asimov in his 1951 science fiction masterpiece, "Foundation." Asimov named this concept "psychohistory," and although he attributed it to human behavior, his depiction strikingly mirrors the algorithms employed by contemporary AI programs.

The Mathematics of Contemporary Trading

The stock market is often misunderstood by outsiders as a game of luck, but traders are aware of the reality: economic behaviors and financial trends are predictable. While unforeseen circumstances like pandemics can trigger chaos, these are infrequent events, and traders can still succeed in such scenarios. Nevertheless, predicting market trends can be daunting for the human mind, leading to a high attrition rate among day traders. Emotions also significantly influence decision-making, making it difficult to exclude.

For scalpers and momentum traders who make numerous decisions within an eight-hour trading period, it's nearly impossible to perform effectively without the aid of contemporary technology. This is why only around ten percent of traders find success. However, the advent of artificial intelligence has drastically changed the landscape, making what once seemed like science fiction now a reality.

An exemplary product is the Tickeron Screener, which integrates technical and fundamental analysis to forecast market shifts. This AI technology harnesses mathematical trends, historical financial reports, and behavioral analysis to identify overbought or oversold stocks, providing invaluable insights to traders. Equipped with this information, traders can make more informed trading decisions without dedicating hours to research.

The AI algorithm implemented in the Tickeron Screener processes data thousands of times faster than a human, allowing traders to capitalize on speed, a crucial asset for any trader. With each data point being a variable incorporated into the algorithm, traders can significantly increase their chances of success. Bid farewell to exhausting research and welcome better trading decisions with the Tickeron Screener.


The Screener provides numerous benefits, one of which is its capacity to pinpoint opportunities for enhancing the value of your portfolio. By incorporating additional sectors, you can augment your diversification metric and monitor market trends in sectors that you might have previously overlooked. There exist possibilities beyond conventional investments such as forex, technology, and energy stocks that the Screener can assist you in discovering, thus fostering a more comprehensive trading perspective.


Optimize Your Returns with Tickeron's Active Portfolios

While the intriguing science fiction story "Rise of the Machines" serves as an engrossing read, it is crucial to remember that we should not grant absolute control to machines. At Tickeron, we recognize the importance of human-driven portfolio construction. That's why we introduce "Active Portfolios," a product that amalgamates the benefits of AI trading with human proficiency. Utilizing our Active Portfolios, you can attain superior returns and surpass the benchmark, all without conceding total control to machines.


Active Portfolios (AP) is revolutionizing the investment landscape. Its robust screener feature streamlines your process by handling all the preparatory work once you have defined your investment strategy. All that's required is your selection of a portfolio that aligns with your trading objectives and preferences, whether that encompasses stocks and ETFs, forex and crypto, or a blend of both. The portfolios can be sorted effortlessly by factors such as annualized returns, number of positions, or quantity of monthly trades.

The portfolios provided by AP are carefully selected and managed by human experts, while AI technology offers recommendations on the timing and subjects for trading. This potent amalgamation is what we refer to as tech-enabled software, akin to the autopilot function on an airplane. This offers you the latitude to allow the computer to assume control when you wish to relax, but you always retain the option to reclaim control when necessary.

Tickeron’s Approach to Fintech: Artificial Intelligence for Retail Investors

Hedge funds and large institutional investors have been using Artificial Intelligence to analyze large data sets for investment opportunities, and they have also unleashed A.I. on charts to discover patterns and trends. Not only can the A.I. scan thousands of individual securities and cryptocurrencies for patterns and trends, and it generate trade ideas based on what it finds. Hedge funds have had a leg-up on the retail investor for some time now.

Not anymore. Tickeron has launched a new investment platform, and it is designed to give retail investors access to sophisticated AI for a multitude of functions:

Finding stock patterns in the market
Finding trends in the stock market
Testing portfolios to see if they are well-diversified
Back-testing statistics to see how different stock patterns generated trading results
Making Predictions for price movements in the future, with “A.I. Rank” and level of confidence in the trade.
And much more. No longer is AI just confined to the biggest hedge funds in the world. It can now be accessed by everyday investors. Learn how on

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