Be Smart about Planning for Retirement

Be Smart about Planning for Retirement

The key difference between Portfolio Wizards and 401(k) Portfolios is that the latter contains reports. These reports are detailed descriptions of the performance of the existing portfolio. 401(k) Portfolios allow you to purchase existing portfolios, while the former can be used to create new portfolios or add existing ones to your files. 

The reports are crucial to the understanding of the way that the portfolios are chosen and ranked because they contain a page with a layout of the Diversification Analysis.



A 401(k) plan is a tax-advantaged, defined-contribution retirement account many employers offer to their employees. The employee can make contributions to their 401(k) accounts and use part of the salary for long-term investment purposes, and an employer can match some or all of those contributions. contains a vast database of retirement plans for more than 25,000 USA companies and provides an opportunity to analyze their structure, create portfolios and get our estimate of their level of diversification. These plans were recognized using Artificial Intelligence technologies, and our proprietary Divscore algorithm was used to analyze the level of diversification.

On the left side of the 401 (k) Portfolios and Reports page, you can find a wide range of filters that allow you to choose the report that best suits your retirement investment strategy. For example, you can select the plan with the highest rate of return or the lowest plan costs and find the most optimal combination of employee and company contributions. If you are interested in the retirement plan of a particular company, then it is easy to find, just by entering the name in the "Search 401 (k) report" window.

After a specific report has been selected, you can view more detailed information about its structure, quality of recognition, and a list of funds for free.



And you can also create a Model portfolio for free based on the list of tickers recognized in the report and distribute assets according to your choice. To do this, click on the "Create Portfolio" button, and it will automatically be added to your "My portfolios" list. Please note - after creating a portfolio, you will need to set its settings yourself on the "Portfolio settings" tab on the left side of the portfolio overview.

If you find the received sample report interesting, click the "Buy" button to get the most detailed information(report) with a thorough analysis based on A.I. algorithms. You can find the purchase report in the "My purchases" section, which you can see in the menu at the right top corner. Click on its name and go to the full analysis page of the report. Now you can research the full detailed information about the selected plan:



Part 1: 401(k) Plan Overview -  contains all the necessary administrative information, statistics of the plan's financial metrics, a Plan Menu with a list of recognized tickers, and overall recognition quality.

Part 2: Diversification Analysis & Findings - includes:

·   Category Breakdown - complete information about asset allocation by types of funds                      and categories

Diversification Analysis - detailed analysis of the quality of plan diversification made on the example of various models with different amounts of money, risk tolerance, and the time horizon of the hypothetical portfolio existence.



Fees and Expenses - information on the main costs of maintaining a portfolio based on the Plan Menu

Fundamentals - The key financial metrics of funds or companies whose stocks or bonds are included in the Plan Menu

Part 3: Methodologies and Limitations - a description of the basic principles underlying our proprietary Divscore algorithm and the key steps in its calculation.


In addition to accessing a detailed analysis, after purchasing a 401 (k) report, you still have the opportunity to create on its basis a portfolio with all recognized tickers and allocate them according to the Plan Menu or select any other options using the Model Portfolios capabilities. Click on the "Create For Free" button on the purchased report page and it will automatically appear in your "My Portfolios" list.



How to Subscribe to 401k Portfolios:

On the 401k Portfolios page, scroll down to purchase any portfolios that catch your attention….

...Or, you can get the portfolios for free by subscribing to AI Robots and using the credits towards the purchase of 401k portfolios!

Learn about AI Robot purchase credits here.

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