How to: Investor Clubs

How to: Investor Clubs


Tickeron’s Investor Clubs are a great opportunity to be a part of a community and interact with fellow investors, as well as exchange ideas and compare your skills. These clubs also help create an audience if you want to monetize your skills in the future. 

To access, from the menu bar, simply click the Trading tab, then click on Investor Clubs.


To create an investor club you have to have a starting portfolio and ideas on how you would re-allocate it. You do not need to create a club -- you can just follow as many as you like. As soon as you join a club, you can have private discussions with club members. 

Investor Clubs are free for everyone. All you have to do is register with a free account. If you buy any of our premium products and use them to make paper trades, Investor Clubs will track the source of your trade ideas. One of the simplest tools to use to improve your portfolios is our buy / sell recommendations. Tickeron aggregates its daily buy/sell recommendations to use with different products.

There are three ways of accessing the buy / sell recommendations.

1. To buy an intermediate membership for $15/month.
2. To buy any other product and get an intermediate subscription for free.
3. To buy an annual subscription for $39/year and keep your beginner membership.
If you have any questions, you can always call our customer support, view webcasts, and videos, or sign up for 1-on-1 lessons.

What are Investor Clubs and How They Work

Tickeron’s Investor Clubs are the best way to get trading ideas and see how others manage their portfolio. You can look for clubs that match your investment style as well as develop your investing skills by joining clubs with a particular theme or goal. Once you feel comfortable creating your own club, you can do that at the top left side of the page, by clicking “Create new”.



Once on that page, you’ll have the option to set the following criteria: public vs. private, who can invite new members to the club, as well as upload an existing portfolio or create a new one. 



You can search the clubs by tickers included in the portfolios, by name or description of the club, and by club creator.

Once you join a club, you can track your portfolio progress versus the progress of the club’s portfolio. Performance comparison includes allocation comparison, gain/loss, and metrics comparisons, such as the diversification score, selection quality, allocation quality, the number of allocations, the number of positions allocated, and the turnover percentage. You can also apply all club allocations to your own portfolio.



Back on the club page, go to the left-hand sidebar and click “Manage My Portfolio” in order to view the club’s portfolio and make edits to your portfolio in accordance with what you see.




Click “ADD/REMOVE CASH” to add any particular tickers from the Club’s portfolio to your own.



Back on the club’s homepage, you can also click “Members” from the same left-hand side menu to view each member’s percentage gain/loss, the number of allocations they have made, and other info.

By choosing “Portfolio Trend Predictions from the menu, you can vote and see how other members voted on particular tickers.

The chat option on the right-hand side of the page offers club members an opportunity to share insight instantaneously, like a bulletin board.


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