How to Use Trend Prediction Engine (TPE)

How to Use Trend Prediction Engine (TPE)

The best way to make money with trend trading is to use our premium tool, Trend Prediction Engine (TPE). You will get signals to buy and sell based on end-of-day price information. TPE analyzes trends for stocks, penny stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, and Forex.  To access from the menu bar, simply hover over Trading, then click on Trend Prediction Engine.

To make this tool more convenient, it's best to customize it. Settings include adjusting the confidence level, price range, asset classes, etc. You can also set up notifications for emails or push notifications. Of course, the more filters you use, the fewer trade ideas TPE will generate.


Suppose you do not feel comfortable making your customizations and settings. In that case, you can try our AI Robots, which already have a minimum number of trades per day and pre-set customizations.


If you buy one or more AI Robots, you will get a credit of $60/month or $120/month, which you can apply toward subscribing to TPE. This means you can get TPE for free. If you have any questions, you can always call our customer support, view webcasts, and videos, or sign up for 1-on-1 lessons

About Trend Trading and TPE

‘Trend trading’ is an investment strategy based on the technical analysis of changing market prices — Investors who use a trend-tracking strategy attempt to capitalize on shifting market trends. The trend-trader observes a stock’s current direction or index and uses this to make some buy or sell decisions. For example, the trend trader enters into a long position when a stock is trending upward and uses the short position when a stock is trending downward. Traders who use this strategy rarely Aim to forecast a specific price target. Instead, they ‘ride’ the trend until the pattern shifts or they’ve made a profit.

Tickeron’s End-of-Day Trend Prediction Engine will instantly generate A.I.- driven projections on whether a stock is going up or down for the next week or month. The algorithm looks at past price changes and generates unique insights into future fluctuations. You can subscribe to ‘A.I. Trend Prediction Engine’ depending on your preferences.

Tickeron’s system provides supporting information like historical statistics and "Trend Prediction Confidence Levels.” The latter measures the level of conviction behind a pattern. The system also allows you to view price evolution and bookmark their favorite settings. Then, you can apply this on your trading platform to predict price movements.


As mentioned in a previous chapter, Tickeron developed a proprietary formula called the ‘Odds of Success.’ In the example above, the odds of success are determined by looking at four cases in which the stock behaved similarly — went up, as demonstrated by the bold green arrow. In three of four instances following the uptrend, the price continued to rise, meaning that the odds of success were 75%. Based on these odds, today’s prediction also features a likely uptrend in the future.

Sticking with the Advanced Search option, the image below shows the search criteria available. In addition, the Confidence Level toggle bar empowers you to make educated predictions by selecting stocks that are most likely to continue a trend.


The confidence level puts a percentage probability on the trend producing a successful outcome. Risk levels are directly correlated with returns, meaning that low risk will most likely yield a lower return.

The image below displays stocks that A.I. thinks are following the signal with more than 60% confidence. However, not all of these stocks have reached the target A.I. set several days ago, though some are close enough to be considered successful. Next, the Odds of Success are listed for stocks that have not yet reached the target price. These odds are calculated by looking at previous instances in which a bearish or bullish signal for stock had reached the projected target price and comparing that to the total number of projections. 

In the example below, we clicked the “Sell” column to sort the stocks by highest confidence level for a bearish signal.

Traders can play around with confidence levels and bullish and bearish trends to find plenty of trade ideas, then cross-reference those with the myriad other A.I.-powered tools across the site.


How to Subscribe to AI Trend Prediction Engine (TPE):


On the AI Trend Prediction Engine page, scroll down on the left side and find the Try for Free button. If you like the tool, you can purchase it for $30 a month at the end of the 14-day trial period….

...Or, you can get it for free by subscribing to AI Robots and using the credits towards the purchase of TPE!

Learn about AI Robot purchase credits here.


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