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Tickeron offers you the opportunity to find bullish and bearish trends among 7000 stocks, 10000 OTC stocks, 3000 ETFs, and 14000 Mutual funds. To find what you need, you can use a wide range of search tools with the possibility of individual customization.

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Prediction Types and Stats

Bullish within next week

Up +2% on any day within the next week

General description

A “Bullish Next Week” trend prediction means A.I.dvisor expects a minimum +2% price increase within the next week. A.I.dvisor considers the prediction a success if the price rises +2% or more. For each prediction, the A.I.dvisor calculates the profits and/or losses and also maintains statistics over time.

A.I. trend prediction is valuable for short-term or swing traders seeking to profit from short-term price changes.

Trade Idea

Consider buying a security when you see a ‘Bullish Next Week’ trend prediction with a high confidence level, and then selling the security when it reaches the target price.

A.I. Historical Results (since Feb 10, 2005)

Ticker #Of Prediction #Of Correct Prediction Avg. return if success Avg. return if failure



Consumer Services

575321 441124 6.22% -3.23%


Wells Fargo & Co


390358 235302 5.65% -2.28%


Exxon Mobil Corp

Energy Minerals

234094 171858 7.99% -3.73%


Alibaba Group Holding Limited

Retail Trade

516763 378241 4.76% -3.42%



Consumer Durables

705714 634827 12.32% -6.93