AI-Powered Trend Forecasting

Trend trading is one of the most profitable strategies when you bet on the continuation of an existing up or downtrend. If you plan to trade trends, you will need Tickeron’s Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Trend Prediction Engine (TPE). Using TPE, you will instantly get an AI opinion on whether the stock is going up or down for the next week or month.

Prediction Types and Stats

Sideways within next month

Greater than -4% and less than +4% on any day within the next month

General description

A ‘Sideways Next Month’ means that A.I.dvisor expects no upward or downward price movement outside of a -4% to +4% range within the next month. The A.I.dvisor considers the trend prediction a success if the price does not fall -4% or rise +4% from its current price. For each prediction, A.I.dvisor calculates the profits and/or losses and maintains statistics over time.

The A.I. trend prediction is valuable for swing traders who actively monitor short-term price changes.

Trade Idea

Consider doing nothing when you see a ‘Sideways Next Month’ prediction with a high confidence level. Another strategy would be to consider selling call and put options, which would allow you to collect the premium if the security does not reach its exercise price.

A.I. Historical Results (since Feb 10, 2005)

Ticker#Of Predictions#Of Correct PredictionsAvg. return if successAvg. return if failure
Consumer Services
Wells Fargo & Co
Exxon Mobil Corp
Energy Minerals
Alibaba Group Holding Limited
Retail Trade
Consumer Durables