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AMBP Price Prediction, Ardagh Metal Packaging SA AI Recommendations

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12:00 AM EDT May 26, 2022

AMBP in -1.12% downward trend, sliding for three consecutive days on May 12, 2022

Moving lower for three straight days is viewed as a bearish sign. Keep an eye on this stock for future declines. Considering data from situations where AMBP declined for three days, in 53 of 58 cases, the price declined further within the following month. The odds of a continued downward trend are 90%.

Technical Analysis (Indicators)

Bearish Trend Analysis

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence Histogram (MACD) for AMBP turned negative on April 22, 2022. This could be a sign that the stock is set to turn lower in the coming weeks. Traders may want to sell the stock or buy put options. Tickeron's A.I.dvisor looked at 5 similar instances when the indicator turned negative. In of the 5 cases the stock turned lower in the days that followed. This puts the odds of success at .

The Aroon Indicator for AMBP entered a downward trend on May 26, 2022. This could indicate a strong downward move is ahead for the stock. Traders may want to consider selling the stock or buying put options.

Bullish Trend Analysis

The RSI Indicator points to a transition from a downward trend to an upward trend -- in cases where AMBP's RSI Indicator exited the oversold zone, of 4 resulted in an increase in price. Tickeron's analysis proposes that the odds of a continued upward trend are .

The Stochastic Oscillator shows that the ticker has stayed in the oversold zone for 15 days. The price of this ticker is presumed to bounce back soon, since the longer the ticker stays in the oversold zone, the more promptly an upward trend is expected.

Following a +1 3-day Advance, the price is estimated to grow further. Considering data from situations where AMBP advanced for three days, in of 34 cases, the price rose further within the following month. The odds of a continued upward trend are .

AMBP may jump back above the lower band and head toward the middle band. Traders may consider buying the stock or exploring call options.

Fundamental Analysis (Ratings)

Fear & Greed

The Tickeron SMR rating for this company is (best 1 - 100 worst), indicating very strong sales and a profitable business model. SMR (Sales, Margin, Return on Equity) rating is based on comparative analysis of weighted Sales, Income Margin and Return on Equity values compared against S&P 500 index constituents. The weighted SMR value is a proprietary formula developed by Tickeron and represents an overall profitability measure for a stock.

The Tickeron Valuation Rating of (best 1 - 100 worst) indicates that the company is fair valued in the industry. This rating compares market capitalization estimated by our proprietary formula with the current market capitalization. This rating is based on the following metrics, as compared to industry averages: P/B Ratio (8.718) is normal, around the industry mean (14.702). AMBP has a moderately low P/E Ratio (0.000) as compared to the industry average of (17.992). AMBP's Projected Growth (PEG Ratio) (0.000) is very low in comparison to the industry average of (1.392). AMBP has a moderately low Dividend Yield (0.000) as compared to the industry average of (0.031). P/S Ratio (0.851) is also within normal values, averaging (19.993).

The Tickeron Price Growth Rating for this company is (best 1 - 100 worst), indicating slightly worse than average price growth. AMBP’s price grows at a lower rate over the last 12 months as compared to S&P 500 index constituents.

The Tickeron PE Growth Rating for this company is (best 1 - 100 worst), pointing to worse than average earnings growth. The PE Growth rating is based on a comparative analysis of stock PE ratio increase over the last 12 months compared against S&P 500 index constituents.

The Tickeron Profit vs. Risk Rating rating for this company is (best 1 - 100 worst), indicating that the returns do not compensate for the risks. AMBP’s unstable profits reported over time resulted in significant Drawdowns within these last five years. A stable profit reduces stock drawdown and volatility. The average Profit vs. Risk Rating rating for the industry is 79, placing this stock worse than average.

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AMBP is expected to report earnings to rise 11.25% to 8 cents per share on July 28

Ardagh Metal Packaging SA AMBP Stock Earnings Reports
by $0.02
by $0.02
by $0.05
by $0.01
The last earnings report on April 28 showed earnings per share of 7 cents, beating the estimate of 5 cents. With 1.97M shares outstanding, the current market capitalization sits at 3.62B.
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Notable companies

The most notable companies in this group are Tupperware Brands Corp (NYSE:TUP).

Industry description

The containers/packing sector includes companies that manufacture containers (like plastic and aluminum food containers, glass bottles, metal cans, cardboard, storage and waste bags, giftwraps etc.) and provide packing services. Food-and-beverage and household products are major markets for this business. Several companies in this industry cater to international markets in addition to serving domestic customers. Consumer spending habits could potentially affect this industry’s performance. Some products, that use oil-based materials as inputs, are likely to see their costs of production get impacted (to some extent) by energy price movements. The ever-expanding e-commerce market has only supercharged the amount/frequency of goods shipped domestically and across borders, thereby creating ample potential opportunities for containers and packaging businesses. Ball Corporation, International Paper Company, Amcor Plc and Packaging Corporation of America are some of the largest U.S. companies in this industry.

Market Cap

The average market capitalization across the Containers/Packaging Industry is 4.16B. The market cap for tickers in the group ranges from 6.74K to 66.8B. STO holds the highest valuation in this group at 66.8B. The lowest valued company is EPTI at 6.74K.

High and low price notable news

The average weekly price growth across all stocks in the Containers/Packaging Industry was 1%. For the same Industry, the average monthly price growth was -5%, and the average quarterly price growth was -10%. IDND experienced the highest price growth at 43%, while ACGX experienced the biggest fall at -25%.


The average weekly volume growth across all stocks in the Containers/Packaging Industry was -27%. For the same stocks of the Industry, the average monthly volume growth was -30% and the average quarterly volume growth was 41%

Fundamental Analysis Ratings

The average fundamental analysis ratings, where 1 is best and 100 is worst, are as follows

Valuation Rating: 47
P/E Growth Rating: 53
Price Growth Rating: 52
SMR Rating: 37
Profit Risk Rating: 78
Seasonality Score: 4 (-100 ... +100)

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Industry ContainersPackaging

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