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DFSE Dimensional Emerging Mrkts Sstby Cr 1ETF Forecast, Technical & Fundamental Analysis

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08:00 PM EDT Sep 26, 2023

DFSE's Indicator enters downward trend

The Aroon Indicator for DFSE entered a downward trend on August 29, 2023. Tickeron's A.I.dvisor identified a pattern where the AroonDown red line was above 70 while the AroonUp green line was below 30 for three straight days. This could indicate a strong downward move is ahead for the stock. Traders may want to consider selling the stock or buying put options. A.I.dvisor looked at 17 similar instances where the Aroon Indicator formed such a pattern. In of the 17 cases the stock moved lower. This puts the odds of a downward move at .

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Technical Analysis (Indicators)

Bearish Trend Analysis

The Momentum Indicator moved below the 0 level on September 18, 2023. You may want to consider selling the stock, shorting the stock, or exploring put options on DFSE as a result. In of 12 cases where the Momentum Indicator fell below 0, the stock fell further within the subsequent month. The odds of a continued downward trend are .

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence Histogram (MACD) for DFSE turned negative on September 21, 2023. This could be a sign that the stock is set to turn lower in the coming weeks. Traders may want to sell the stock or buy put options. Tickeron's A.I.dvisor looked at 6 similar instances when the indicator turned negative. In of the 6 cases the stock turned lower in the days that followed. This puts the odds of success at .

DFSE moved below its 50-day moving average on September 05, 2023 date and that indicates a change from an upward trend to a downward trend.

Following a 3-day decline, the stock is projected to fall further. Considering past instances where DFSE declined for three days, the price rose further in of 62 cases within the following month. The odds of a continued downward trend are .

Bullish Trend Analysis

The Stochastic Oscillator shows that the ticker has stayed in the oversold zone for 5 days. The price of this ticker is presumed to bounce back soon, since the longer the ticker stays in the oversold zone, the more promptly an upward trend is expected.

Following a 3-day Advance, the price is estimated to grow further. Considering data from situations where DFSE advanced for three days, in of 48 cases, the price rose further within the following month. The odds of a continued upward trend are .

DFSE may jump back above the lower band and head toward the middle band. Traders may consider buying the stock or exploring call options.

Fundamental Analysis (Ratings)

Fear & Greed
published Highlights

Notable companies

The most notable companies in this group are Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE:BABA), PDD Holdings (NASDAQ:PDD), Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU), DuPont de Nemours (NYSE:DD), Tencent Music Entertainment Group (NYSE:TME), Gold Fields Ltd (NYSE:GFI), Cabot Oil & Gas Corp (NYSE:COG), Vipshop Holdings Limited (NYSE:VIPS), iQIYI (NASDAQ:IQ), SLM Corp (NASDAQ:SLM).

Industry description

The investment seeks to achieve long-term capital appreciation. The Portfolio is designed to purchase a broad and diverse group of securities associated with emerging markets. The Portfolio invests in companies of all sizes, with increased exposure to smaller capitalization, lower relative price, and higher profitability companies as compared to their representation in the Emerging Markets Universe, while adjusting the composition of the Portfolio based on sustainability impact considerations.

Market Cap

The average market capitalization across the Dimensional Emerging Mrkts Sstby Cr 1ETF ETF is 16.63B. The market cap for tickers in the group ranges from 88.2K to 216.2B. BABA holds the highest valuation in this group at 216.2B. The lowest valued company is OPUS at 88.2K.

High and low price notable news

The average weekly price growth across all stocks in the Dimensional Emerging Mrkts Sstby Cr 1ETF ETF was -0%. For the same ETF, the average monthly price growth was -4%, and the average quarterly price growth was 0%. VIPS experienced the highest price growth at 10%, while SSU experienced the biggest fall at -30%.


The average weekly volume growth across all stocks in the Dimensional Emerging Mrkts Sstby Cr 1ETF ETF was 77%. For the same stocks of the ETF, the average monthly volume growth was 119% and the average quarterly volume growth was 84%

Fundamental Analysis Ratings

The average fundamental analysis ratings, where 1 is best and 100 is worst, are as follows

Valuation Rating: 48
P/E Growth Rating: 55
Price Growth Rating: 55
SMR Rating: 57
Profit Risk Rating: 74
Seasonality Score: -8 (-100 ... +100)
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Technical Analysis# Of IndicatorsAvg. Odds
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