SC.X Crypto Tickeron detected bearish Crypto Pattern: Broadening Bottom SC.X on June 08, 2024, netting in a 23.07% gain over 1 week

+23.07% Gain from a Successful pattern Broadening Bottom
SC.X - Siacoin cryptocurrency
Ticker: SC.X
Company: Siacoin cryptocurrency
Gain from shortening: +23.07%
Confirmed: 06/08/24
Succeeded: 06/17/24
Total length: 10 days
On June 07, 2024, A.I.dvisor detected a Broadening Bottom Pattern (Bearish) for Siacoin cryptocurrency (SC.X, $0.006100). 1 day later, on June 08, 2024, A.I.dvisor confirmed the Bearish pattern, setting a target price of the stock. On June 17, 2024, the stock hit the target price of $0.004743 – resulting in a +2 gain for traders who shorted the stock on the pattern detection date.
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