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Mar 13, 2023

4 Tips for Fast, Effective Stock Analysis

Hedge funds and institutional investors have a significant advantage in trading due to their large budgets for research and technology, enabling them to create advanced trading platforms that outperform those available to retail investors. However, the emergence of new artificial intelligence tools is leveling the playing field for retail investors.

An example of such a tool is Tickeron's Screener, an AI-powered platform that allows investors to conduct technical and fundamental analysis on individual stocks, sectors, or investment themes with just a few clicks. With an enormous amount of research backing up the platform, discovering hot trade ideas has never been easier.

Here are 5 tips for fast and effective stock analysis using Tickeron's Screener:

Tip #1: Analyze a Stock Category and Identify Trends

If you're interested in sustainable trading and want to explore alternative energy stocks, there are ways to quickly find relevant stocks and identify trends.

To begin, go to Tickeron's homepage and select "Trade Ideas." From there, select the "Category" option and choose "Energy." In the dropdown menu, you'll find "@AlternativePowerGeneration," which is where you can find stocks related to alternative energy.

By analyzing the trends of the stocks in this category, you can get a better understanding of the market and make more informed trading decisions. Keep in mind that it's important to conduct thorough research and analysis before making any trades.

After selecting @AlternativePowerGeneration and clicking Go, the Screener will promptly generate results for stocks falling under this category. In the image below, you can see 9 stocks that fulfill the alternative power criteria, and an array of technical analysis indicators, charts, and relevant information will be generated (which we will discuss later). 

For now, our goal is to gauge the performance of this specific category. To achieve this, we will select all the relevant stocks and click on the Summaries button. Upon clicking, Tickeron's AI instantly analyzes the group to determine the category's movement. Generally, stocks in the same sector or category tend to move with a tight correlation. Therefore, using Tickeron's Summaries feature, investors can get a clear idea of how the sector has been performing, as well as its expected future performance.

In the image above, you can observe Tickeron's A.I. displaying each stock in the category on the left margin along with a clear and easy-to-understand group analysis. The A.I. predicts a positive outlook for this category of stocks, with a 90% chance of a +4% bounce in the next month.

Within seconds, you can identify trends in the Alternative Power Industry. To obtain further information, investors can scroll down to access the technical analysis of trade ideas. A quick scroll in this instance yielded a bullish trade idea for TerraForm Power Inc., an operator of clean power generation assets.

A.I. indicates a 65% probability that the stock will continue to exhibit a bullish uptrend, making it a potentially attractive trade idea for investors interested in the category.

Tip #2: Identify a Robust Trend, Then Analyze the Sector/Category

Numerous traders seek to identify sturdy trends and then further examine whether investment opportunities exist in a category that may be overbought or oversold. For example, you might pinpoint a sector that has shown a significant increase in value in the past week and, after conducting further research, realize that the category is overbought. In such a scenario, a trader may consider looking for opportunities to short stocks.

With Tickeron's Artificial Intelligence, you can conduct all of this research, from detecting strong trends to analyzing the category, in just a few minutes. Here's how it works:

Go to Tickeron's homepage and click on Screener Home.

In this version of the Screener's homepage (as shown in the chart below), we have selected "Stocks" as the security type for our research and filtered the results by "Performance." The Screener has automatically generated the page displayed in the image below, where the user can switch between different performance results over different time periods, such as day, week, month, quarter, year, and five-year periods.

For the purpose of this example, we will be looking at the top and bottom 3 monthly performers over the last month.

As you can observe, the Screener provides us with the top 3 and bottom 3 monthly performers. This information is highly valuable for trend-traders as they can trade in favor or against the trend. For instance, if you prefer 'bargain hunting' and aim to buy dips whenever possible, then you may want to consider the Coal Industry due to its dismal performance in the last month, with all 13 stocks (100%) in the category exhibiting a downtrend.

Your next course of action is to analyze these 13 Coal stocks for potential opportunities. You can view all 13 stocks listed by simply scrolling down on the page (as shown in the image below). You now have two options: 1) select the stocks you wish to analyze individually, or 2) click 'select all' to analyze the entire group, as we have done below:

It's time to analyze the group and identify potential trade opportunities. Upon clicking the "Summaries" button, you'll be directed to a page displaying a concise summary of all 13 Coal Industry stocks. Based on this summary, it appears that there may be a negative trend developing in this industry, indicating the possibility of a bearish trade opportunity.


As you continue scrolling down, you'll come across technical indicators and potential trade ideas for individual stocks in the Coal industry. In the case of SunCoke Energy (SXC), it appears to be caught in a downtrend, with Tickeron's A.I. indicating an 88% chance of the trend continuing. For investors, this could suggest that it's too soon to consider purchasing the stock during its dip.


Tip #3: Refine Your Search with Tickeron's "Smart" Filter for Valuation, Trend, Price, and Industry

The "Smart" Filter on the Tickeron Screener allows traders to effectively filter stocks using multiple criteria. To access the "Smart" Filter, navigate to the Screener Home Page and click on the "Smart" tab.



Users can experiment with Tickeron's "preset" filters to search for stocks that are either Undervalued, Fairly Valued, or Overvalued. They can also choose specific trends such as bullish weeks, bearish weeks, or sideways months, a particular price range, and within a specific industry. This tool offers endless possibilities for traders to analyze and search for potential trades.

For instance, let's say we are interested in finding Undervalued stocks having a Bearish Week within the Pharmaceuticals Industry. Tickeron's A.I. quickly generates a list of 18 stocks meeting our specific criteria.

However, if we are only interested in the top 5 most undervalued stocks from the list, we can easily sort them by clicking on Valuation Rating and selecting the top 5 stocks. We can then evaluate this group by clicking on Summaries to find A.I.-generated trade ideas with the highest odds of success.


Tip #4: Utilize the “Smart Filter” to Search using Technical or Fundamental Indicators

The “smart filter” tool offers a wide range of capabilities when searching for stocks using technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or both.

If you are a technical trader who relies on indicators such as Stochastic, Aroon, or Moving Averages, this tool can work for you. Or, if you prefer momentum trading, this tool can also be helpful in finding stocks that fit your strategy.


Perhaps you prefer trading based on fundamental analysis. If so, Tickeron has developed its proprietary fundamental indicators to provide traders with an advanced trading experience. Among these indicators are the Valuation Rating, Profit vs. Risk Rating, SMR Rating, and P/E Growth Rating.

Tickeron's Valuation Rating considers several key company fundamentals to estimate the price per share for the company. This estimate is then compared to the current price per share of the stock to determine whether it is over or undervalued. A rating of 1 indicates the most undervalued stocks in a given industry, while a rating of 100 indicates the most overvalued stocks.

On the other hand, Tickeron's Profit vs. Risk Rating assesses a company's performance by examining the interplay between profit, volatility, and drawdown. The higher the volatility of a high stock price, the greater the potential drawdown. If a company has low volatility but moderate profits, the tool estimates smaller drawdowns. The tradeoff is between high profit and high volatility (resulting in high drawdown) or low profit and low volatility (resulting in low drawdown).

Tickeron's Price Growth Strength Rating is a tool that compares a stock's price increase over the past 12 months to the S&P 500 index constituents. Short-term positions are determined by ranking price change over a period of 1 or 3 months, while long-term positions are determined by ranking price change over a period of 6 or 12 months. The combined short and long-term position is represented by a rating from 1 to 100, with 1 indicating the highest price growth and 100 indicating the lowest.

Tickeron's PE Growth Rating is a tool that compares a stock's PE ratio increase over the past 12 months to the S&P 500 index constituents. A rating from 1 to 100 is assigned, with 1 indicating the highest PE growth and 100 indicating the lowest.

Finally, Tickeron's SMR (Sales, Margin, Return on Equity) Rating is a tool that compares weighted values of Sales, Income Margin, and Return on Equity to the S&P 500 index constituents. The weighted SMR value is a proprietary formula developed by Tickeron and represents the overall profitability measure for a stock. A rating from 1 to 100 is assigned, with 1 indicating the highest weighted value and 100 indicating the lowest.

Now, how to use the tool. 

To use Tickeron's Screener, start by clicking the Smart filter on the home page and select the Fundamental & Technical Analysis & Artificial Intelligence tab. If you prefer combining fundamental and technical analysis, and you like using the Aroon indicator, this would be a good place to start. From here, you can further customize your search by selecting the specific criteria you're interested in, such as market capitalization, sector, and exchange.


In this example, we have applied filters on three different levels:

  1. Aroon indicator for BUY signals with a 90% probability of success, determined by Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Valuation Rating, indicating undervalued stocks.
  3. Positive SMR rating.

Our objective is to find undervalued stocks that have a high likelihood of increasing in value, as determined by Artificial Intelligence. Essentially, we are searching for "good buys."

Within seconds, the Artificial Intelligence algorithm has identified 5 stocks that meet our criteria.


Are you interested in finding out which of the 5 stocks is the most undervalued? Just click on the Fundamental Analysis tab and sort the list by Valuation Rating. As per this method, the most undervalued stock in this case is Delek Logistics Partners LP (ticker: DKL). This could be your next potential trading opportunity.


As you can clearly see from reviewing these tips and trying them for yourself, there are dozens if not hundreds of different ways you can use Tickeron’s Screener to find trade ideas. Whether you’re a technical trader or an investor who prefers fundamental analysis, there are A.I.-driven tools available to you on Tickeron’s platform. 

The old days of spending hours, days, or even weeks performing research on a particular stock or sector are over. For years, hedge funds and institutional investors have been leveraging the power of technology and Artificial Intelligence to find trade ideas in real time -- putting retail investors at a distinct disadvantage. 

Now, with Tickeron's Screener, everyday retail can easily find trends, use A.I. to analyze stocks, themes, or industries, and even filter stocks by fundamental and technical indicators -- all in a matter of minutes. Whatever your preferred style of investing, Tickeron’s Screener is an A.I.-powered tool that can get you research-driven trade ideas quickly and effectively.

Get started with the tool today!

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