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Mar 14, 2023

How Artificial Intelligence Can Boost your Trading Results

Using the right tools can make any task easier. In the past, stock traders had to spend countless hours poring over charts, graphs, and financial reports, and creating spreadsheets to predict market movements. This process was time-consuming and put a lot of pressure on traders to make each trade count.

Today, technology has made things much easier. Reporting and analytics are available at the touch of a button, and artificial intelligence can analyze data to provide insights on when and what to trade. This may sound like something out of science fiction, but AI is already being used by traders worldwide to conduct a higher volume of trades and make more money.

Interestingly, the idea of using mathematics to predict behavior patterns of large groups was first introduced by Isaac Asimov in his 1951 science fiction classic, "Foundation." Asimov called this idea "psychohistory," and although he applied it to humans, his description closely resembles the algorithms used by modern AI programs.

The Mathematics of Trading in the Modern Day

The stock market is often perceived by outsiders as a game of chance, but traders understand the truth: economic behavior and financial trends can be predicted. While unforeseen events like pandemics can cause chaos, they are rare occurrences, and traders can still thrive in such situations. However, predicting market trends can be overwhelming for the human mind, leading to a high burnout rate for day traders. Emotion also plays a significant role in decision-making, making it challenging to leave it out.

For scalpers and momentum traders who make numerous decisions during an eight-hour trading day, it is nearly impossible to do so effectively without modern technology. That is why only about ten percent of traders succeed. However, the introduction of artificial intelligence has revolutionized the game, making science fiction a reality.

One such product is Tickeron Screener, which combines technical and fundamental analysis to predict market movements. This AI technology uses mathematical trends, historical financial reports, and behavioral analysis to determine which stocks have been overbought or oversold, providing valuable insights to traders. By having this information at their fingertips, traders can make better trade decisions without spending hours on research.

The AI algorithm used in Tickeron Screener "thinks" thousands of times faster than a human, allowing traders to benefit from speed, which is a trader's best friend. With every data point being a variable that's plugged into the algorithm, traders can significantly improve their odds of success. Say goodbye to tiresome research and hello to better trade decisions with Tickeron Screener.

Screener offers several advantages, one of which is the ability to identify areas where you can add value to your portfolio. By adding additional sectors, you can improve your diversification score and track market trends in areas you may not have explored before. There are opportunities beyond traditional investments like forex, tech, and energy stocks that Screener can help you uncover, making you a more well-rounded trader.

Achieve Better Returns with Tickeron's Active Portfolios

While the science fiction tale "Rise of the Machines" is a fascinating read, it's important to remember that we never want machines to have complete control. At Tickeron, we understand the value of human portfolio construction, which is why we offer "Active Portfolios," a product that combines the best of both worlds - AI trading and human expertise. With our Active Portfolios, you can achieve better returns and beat the benchmark, without relinquishing complete control to machines.

Active Portfolios (AP) is revolutionizing the investment game. With its powerful screener, it saves you valuable time by taking care of all the setup once you have established your investment strategy. All you need to do is choose a portfolio that aligns with your trading goals and preferences, whether it's stocks and ETFs, forex and crypto, or a combination of both. You can easily sort the portfolios by annualized returns, number of positions, or number of monthly trades.

The portfolios offered by AP are curated and managed by human experts, while AI technology makes recommendations on when and what to trade. This powerful combination is what we call tech-enabled software, much like the autopilot on a plane. You have the flexibility to let the computer take over when you want to sit back, but you can always regain control when necessary.

Tickeron’s Approach to Fintech: Artificial Intelligence for Retail Investors

Hedge funds and large institutional investors have been using Artificial Intelligence to analyze large data sets for investment opportunities, and they have also unleashed A.I. on charts to discover patterns and trends. Not only can the A.I. scan thousands of individual securities and cryptocurrencies for patterns and trends, and it generate trade ideas based on what it finds. Hedge funds have had a leg-up on the retail investor for some time now.

Not anymore. Tickeron has launched a new investment platform, and it is designed to give retail investors access to sophisticated AI for a multitude of functions:

Finding stock patterns in the market
Finding trends in the stock market
Testing portfolios to see if they are well-diversified
Back-testing statistics to see how different stock patterns generated trading results
Making Predictions for price movements in the future, with “A.I. Rank” and level of confidence in the trade.
And much more. No longer is AI just confined to the biggest hedge funds in the world. It can now be accessed by everyday investors. Learn how on Tickeron.com.

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