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Jan 18, 2022
Dollar Tree (DLTR, $128.98) raises prices above a dollar

Dollar Tree (DLTR, $128.98) raises prices above a dollar

Dollar Tree is now selling goods at  a buck and a quarter.

According to several social media posts, consumers are not satisfied about the discount retail company’s planned price increase.

In November, Dollar Tree said that it planned to implement price hikes that would lead to a midpoint of $1.25. In late September, the company revealed plans to test the sale of goods priced at $3 and $5, alongside its traditional $1 offerings, in 500 "Dollar Tree Plus" stores by year's end; another 1,500 is planned for fiscal 2022.

Dollar Tree announced on Tuesday that they had a very positive response from the “overwhelming majority” of customers around the $1.25 price point and the “extreme value and broader product selection it has enabled, especially in these inflationary times."

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