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Jul 20, 2022
How to trade smartly during the earnings season

How to trade smartly during the earnings season

Tickeron introduce new type of AI Robots for traders who are focusing on earnings season as well of those who trading in this period.

Advantages of this strategy:

  • Market neutrality - The AI Robot opens both short and long positions, which allows it not to depend on the current market situation.
  •  Easy to follow - this robot trades only during the earnings season and has simple rules for making trades.
  • Short trade duration - The average trade duration is 2 days, which allows our users to use their capital effectively and not get stuck in one trade for a long time.

Earnings Trader

Every day, our mathematical algorithms look for companies having a quarterly report shortly and conduct a comprehensive analysis on them. If the AI makes a positive forecast, then the day before the report is released, the robot opens a long position. If the forecast is negative, then a short position is opened. Both types of trades are closed at the end of the report release day.

Important notice:  The Earnings day is very often accompanied by an increase in volatility. Therefore, it's not recommended to allocate more than 5% of one’s capital to one trade.

The robot's trading results are shown without using a margin. For a full trading statistics and equity chart, click on the "show more" button on the robot page. In the tab “Open Trades”, a user can see live how the AI Robot selects equities, enters, and exits in paper trades. In the tab, “Closed trades”, a user can review all previous trades made by the AI Robot.

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Frequently bought together:

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  2. Pair Trader Electric Utilities, Services, Real Estate, Precious Metals
  3. Gap Trader $20 < Stock <$50

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