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Jun 21, 2022
[NEW!] AI Robot for Swing Traders

[NEW!] AI Robot for Swing Traders

Swing Trader (BABA, F, META, NVDA, WMT)

This type of AI Robot is best suited for swing traders with a moderate level of risk.

These AI Robot opens both long and short positions on such stocks with medium and low volatility as F, BABA, WMT, NVDA, and META. The average trade duration is 3 days, which allows our users not to spend a lot of time tracking their positions. After entering the trade, the AI Robot places a fixed order "Take profit", the distance to which depends on the current market volatility. To exit a position, the robot uses 2 options: a fixed stop loss of 2-4% of the position opening price and a flexible trailing stop that allows you to save most of the profit if the market reverses.

The main goal of this AI Robot is to allow traders to make a profit consistently regardless of the current market situation.

There are two types of diversification used for this:

Type 1 - Diversification by industry. The AI Robot trades only high-quality stocks that are top in their industries and their business is independent of each other. Thanks to this, we can be sure that negative news about one of the companies will not significantly affect the others.

Type 2 - Diversification by strategies. For many years of backtesting and trading experience, we have created a pool of algorithmic systems. Moreover, we have created a mechanism that, based on the analysis of the current volatility and the mid-term trend, allows the robot to choose the most appropriate system for each stock at that moment. Due to this, you cannot be afraid of the situation that the AI Robot will start trading against the trend during the trend period and vice versa.

The robot's trading results are shown without using a margin. For a full trading statistics and equity chart, click on the "show more" button on the robot page. In the tab “Open Trades”, a user can see live how the AI Robot selects equities, enters, and exits in paper trades. In the tab, “Closed trades”, a user can review all previous trades made by the AI Robot.

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