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Sep 28, 2022
[New AI Robot!] Swing Trader: Downtrend Protection

[New AI Robot!] Swing Trader: Downtrend Protection

This robot is suitable for traders who trade a wide range of stocks and enhance market downside protection with advanced filters to find the start for a reversal. To create this robot, we used a pool of stocks with high, medium, and low volatility. This approach allows traders to open trades during various periods of market activity and are not afraid of flats. Since the situation in the stock market is likely to remain unstable for a long time, we included additional advanced algorithms focused on finding opportunities to open short positions.

Every day, our algorithms scan the price action of each of these stocks to find the best moment to open a trade. All algorithms are based on a proprietary combination of technical indicators (Envelope, Parabolic and many others) with individually selected parameters. The AI selects the most suitable algorithm for each ticker, each market situation (uptrend, downtrend or sideways) and open trades.

The average trade duration is 1 day, which allows traders to use their capital effective and not get stuck in a trade for a long time. After entering the trade, the AI Robot places a fixed order "Take profit", the distance to which depends on the current market volatility. To exit a position, the robot uses 2 options: a fixed stop loss of 3% of the position opening price and a flexible trailing stop that allows you to save most of the profit if the market reverses.

The robot's trading results are shown without using a margin. For a full trading statistics and equity chart, click on the "show more" button on the robot page. In the tab “Open Trades”, a user can see live how the AI Robot selects equities, enters, and exits in paper trades. In the tab “Closed trades”, a user can review all previous trades made by the AI Robot.

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