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Dec 27, 2022
Comcast (CMCSA, $35.14) customers face data hacking

Comcast (CMCSA, $35.14) customers face data hacking

Comcast customers were hacked, as reported by the BleepingComputer.

"Starting on December 19th, many Xfinity email users began receiving notifications that their account information had been changed. However, when attempting to access the accounts, they could not log in as the passwords had been changed," the website mentioned. "After regaining access to the accounts, they discovered they had been hacked and a secondary email at the disposable domain was added to their profile."

Following the setting up of the secondary email, the passwords were changed for the primary email account. Customers therefore were unable to access their accounts to change the passwords or remove the secondary email account that was added.

That’s not all. Once hackers got access to the Xfinity account information, they also get the opportunity to then work to infiltrate other accounts like Coinbase and Gemini crypto exchanges.

"A researcher has told BleepingComputer that the attacks are being conducted through credential stuffing attacks to determine the login credentials for Xfinity attacks," according to the website.


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