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Jan 18, 2023
[New AI Robot!] Day Trader: Medium Volatility Stocks for Active Trading (TA&FA)

[New AI Robot!] Day Trader: Medium Volatility Stocks for Active Trading (TA&FA)

This AI Robot is for active day traders who trade stocks with stop losses and exit positions if they become unprofitable.

To select stocks, the robot uses a proprietary method which assesses the strength and quality of the momentum of the most active stocks in the US stock market with medium volatility. A complex algorithm consisting of a pool of technical indicators processed using neural networks determines the entry points to the position. The algorithm pays special attention to the analysis of the general direction of movement of stocks used by the robot, due to which the key points of changing market dynamics are not left without attention.

The maximum number of open trades at one time is 54, which allows our users to use their capital as efficiently as possible and not stay in the cash for a long time. At the same time, the average duration of a trade is 1 day, so you can quickly respond to changes in market dynamics and close position at the right time.

After entering the trade, the AI Robot places a fixed order "Take profit" at the level of 4% of the position opening price. To exit a position, the robot uses 2 options: a fixed stop loss of 2% of the position opening price and a flexible trailing stop that allows you to save most of the profit if the market reverses.

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