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Dec 05, 2022
ZScaler(ZS, $120.44) beats expectations

ZScaler(ZS, $120.44) beats expectations

Zscaler incurred a net loss of -US$68.2 million, which is -25% narrower from 1Q 2022. Loss per share was -$0.47 loss vs. -$0.65 loss in 1Q 2022, and exceeding analyst estimates by 16%.

Revenue climbed +54% year-over-year to $355.5 million, beating analysts’ estimates by 4.3%.

Looking ahead, the company expects adjusted earnings of $1.23 to $1.25 a share  for the year (vs. analysts’ forecast of $1.18 a share ). Its revenue guidance is about $1.53 billion for the year (vs. analysts’ forecast of $1.5 billion) and billings of $1.93 billion to $1.94 billion, (vs. analysts’ estimate of $1.93 billion).


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