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How Much Will Individual Health Coverage Cost?

How Much Will Individual Health Coverage Cost?

There are many factors that determine how much you pay for health coverage, such as age, income level, and the type of plan you want.

The least expensive plans will be for young people (age 30 or under) who just want catastrophic coverage – this type of coverage is high deductible and does not cover frequent visits to the doctor or even check-ups. It is designed to provide coverage only in the event of a major accident.

High deductible plans with higher out-of-pocket requirements are next in line in terms of cost, and from there the lower the deductible and the more extensive the coverage, the higher the cost. Individual health insurance plans can range anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars a month to well over one thousand dollars each month.

As with Life Insurance, we would strongly recommend for you to first determine the budget for your health insurance, and then look for the best policy within that budget.

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