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What is Investment Advice?

Investment advice may included recommendations of certain stocks of funds to pick, or when to buy and sell securities

What is the Investment Advisors Act of 1940?

The IAA sought to regulate an industry that was deemed to be of public concern and within the Federal jurisdiction

What is the Investment Advisor Registration Depository (IARD)?

The IARD system is maintained by FINRA, and keeps track of all adviser registrations, which states they are licensed in

What is Investment Analysis?

Investment analysis is the practice of evaluating assets or securities in terms of value, risk and return, as well as correlation

What is an Investment Banker?

Investment bankers are proficient analysts themselves, but they have subordinate financial analysts, that the numbers

What is Investment Banking?

Investment banks often serve as intermediaries that underwrite a new issue of stock and help to distribute it

What is an Investment Center?

An investment center is an almost autonomous division of a company whose purpose is to generate returns on invested money

What is an Investment Club?

An investment club is a group that organizes itself for the purpose of pooling dollars and participating in the market

What is the Investment Company Act of 1940?

The ‘40 Act defined rules for investment companies, which are known as mutual funds, investment trusts, ETFs, and so on

What are Investment Ideas?

Investment ideas are published by websites to educate and inform people about possible ways to make money investing

What is Investment Income?

Investment income is money paid to an investor from the dividends, premiums sold, or sale of assets in their portfolio

What is Investment Interest Expense?

Investment interest expense is the term for interest which has been paid in order to hold an investment position

What is an Investment Manager?

An investment manager’s job is to adhere to the guidelines set forth in a prospectus while directing the decision-making

What is Investment Property?

The purpose of investment property is to provide income through rental or lease, or to be sold at a later time