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What is a Mortgage?

A mortgage is a debt instrument typically used as a finance mechanism to purchase real estate

What is a Mortgage Broker?

Mortgage brokers act as agents for consumers looking for the best deal possible on a home mortgage loan

What is a Mortgage Company?

Mortgage companies help to place customers with the most competitive loans that make sense for their situation & finances

What is a Mortgagee?

When a mortgage loan is made, the bank or loan institution is the mortgagee, while the consumer is the mortgagor

What is a Mortgage Equity Withdrawal?

Mortgage Equity Withdrawals (MEWs) are loans that use the equity in a home as the collateral (a.k.a. home equity loan)

What is Mortgage Fallout?

Mortgage fallout refers to the instance of proposed loans falling through before closing. High fallout rates can be bad

What is Mortgage Fraud?

Mortgage fraud is misrepresentation in mortgage contracts designed to benefit one or more parties to the contract

What is Mortgage Insurance?

Mortgage insurance may refer to a few kinds of insurance that protects the lender in a mortgage loan

What is Mortgage Interest Deduction?

Mortgage Interest Deductions are allowable income tax deductions that equal the amount of mortgage payments in a year

What is Mortgage Life Insurance?

Mortgage life insurance is any life insurance policy which covers the life of the borrower in a mortgage loan

What is Mortgage Modification?

Mortgage modifications are arrangements agreed to by the lender that are outside of the contractual mortgage agreement

What is Mortgage Par Rate?

Par rate is the fair market value of a loan for a person with certain risk characteristics, from a lending institution

What is a Mortgage Rate Lock?

Mortgages take a while to process, but a broker or bank can lock in a rate for themselves or their clients

What is a Mortgage Short Sale?

A mortgage short sale occurs when a borrower and a lender settle for less than is owed on a mortgage, because of changes

What is a Mortgage Subsidy Bond?

Mortgage subsidy bonds are municipal bonds which are used to fund mortgage relief programs (a.k.a. mortgage revenue bond)

What is Mortgage Suitability?

A suitability standard has been advocated by various consumer lobbying groups and legislators, but it does not exist

What is a Mortgagor?

The mortgagor is the borrower in a mortgagor/mortgagee relationship, where the mortgagee is the lending institution

What is a No-Appraisal Mortgage?

There are exceptions to this, in the form of no-appraisal mortgages which are available to lower-income homeowners

What is a No-Cost Mortgage?

No-Cost Mortgages waive the initial closing costs by making a repayment structure for those costs into the interest rates

What is a No-Fee Mortgage?

No-fee mortgages are synonymous with no-cost mortgages, where the closing costs are paid by the lender, broker, or bank