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What is a Pension?

What is a Pension?

Pensions are income streams guaranteed to employees upon their retirement. A Pension is a type of Defined Benefit Plan

If I Leave My Job, Will I Still Get a Pension?

You may not be vested in a pension if you lave too early, or you may have to accept a lower payout

How Do I Invest Money in My Pension?

Employees are not able to control investments in a Pension Fund, but you can control a few variables

Can I Withdraw Money From My Pension Plan?

In general, you can’t withdraw money from a Pension Plan before you retire

What Happens If I Withdraw Money From My Pension Plan After I Retire?

If the plan administrator allows it, you can make non-recurring (one-time) withdrawals from a pension fund
Can I Take a Loan From My Pension Plan?

Can I Take a Loan From My Pension Plan?

Generally this won’t be an option that your plan allows, but the IRS has approved it if the employer wants to

Can I Take a Lump-Sum Distribution From My Pension Plan?

There is no guaranteed option to make lump-sum distributions from pension plans

What Should I Do With a Lump-Sum Distribution From My Pension Plan?

We encourage you to be responsible and keep the future in mind. It's very easy to spend a lump sum right away
How are Pension Benefits Computed?

How are Pension Benefits Computed?

Enrolled actuaries must be used to establish the benefit formula. The amount of money you will receive (monthly) from

Will My Pension Payments Affect My Social Security Payments?

Your pension comes from your employer, and Social Security comes from the government. However, your tax liabilities might

Can I Take a Periodic Distribution from my Pension Plan?

Regular pension payments are periodic distributions. This will be the default option on pension arrangements

What are Required Minimum Distributions?

RMDs are withdrawals that are mandatory for an individual to take from an IRA or 401(k) after the person has reached 70 ½

What’s a Defined Benefit Plan?

A Defined Benefit Plan involves a promise made by your employer to pay you a monthly “benefit” for the rest of your life

What’s the Difference between a Defined Benefit Plan and a Defined Contribution Plan?

Defined Benefit plans and Defined Contribution plans look similar, but the main difference is what is certain and defined

Can I Decide How My Money is Invested in My Defined Benefit Plan?

Employees have no control over the assets in their Defined Benefit plan. The short and simple answer is: No

Can I Withdraw Money From My Defined Benefit Plan?

While you are working for your employer, you typically may not withdraw money from your Defined Benefit Plan

How are My Retirement Benefits Computed?

Each Defined Benefit Plan has its own formula and therefore its own calculations. Strongly based on factors such as age
Can Something Happen to My Defined Benefit Plan?

Can Something Happen to My Defined Benefit Plan?

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation will insure benefits up to a point, but it may not replace the full value

Who Offers Defined Benefit Plans?

Any employer can offer a Defined Benefit plan, but not many do anymore. Most companies offer Defined Contribution Plans