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Unlock the Power of Daily Trade Signals: A Step-by-Step Guide

The easiest way to start trading is Tickeron's Daily Trade Signals with Odds of Success. Scroll down the Daily Trade Signal feed to review each tile separately. One tile is one signal. Signals are based on indicator alerts, price and volume actions, big market cap moves, insider trading information, patterns, trends, etc... This feed only shows trade signals with good odds of success. Signals are calculated overnight for all asset classes and setups. Continue reading...

How to Use Daily Portfolio Wizards for Short-Term and Long-Term Investment

The easiest way to start investing is with Tickeron's Portfolio Wizards. There are several ways of using this tool. Firstly, if you know how much money you have, our Wizard can build a diversified portfolio just in a few clicks. Secondly, if you already have a portfolio, our Wizard can verify if your portfolio is well diversified. Finally, if you have a portfolio in a 401(k) plan, we can provide you with the full diversification analysis of your company's plan menu. All you need to do is to follow the prompts, and within seconds, you will get all the answers. Continue reading...

Utilizing AI Model Portfolios: A Guide to Achieving Long-Term Success

With Investing/ Model Portfolios, you can view the performance of passive portfolios. You can receive timely alerts with each re-allocation. Re-allocations are infrequent. Here are the steps: Step 1. Review Model Portfolios' past performance for free. Step 2. Select any Model Portfolio you might be interested in based on their performance. Step 3. Subscribe and follow one or more Model Portfolio. Continue reading...

How to Start, Manage, and Thrive in an Investor Club: A Comprehensive Guide

Tickeron’s Investor Clubs are a great opportunity to be a part of a community and interact with fellow investors, as well as exchange ideas and compare your skills. These clubs also help create an audience if you want to monetize your skills in the future. To access, from the menu bar, simply click the Trading tab, then click on Investor Clubs. To create an investor club you have to have a starting portfolio and ideas on how you would re-allocate it. You do not need to create a club -- you can just follow as many as you like. As soon as you join a club, you can have private discussions with club members. Continue reading...

Learn How to Get Human Intelligence Insight with Community Predictors

Tickeron’s Community Trend Predictors allows you to see how others in the community vote and follow them to hear more about their trade ideas. Check out predictors by their ranking, and learn more about prediction types and statistics. To access, from the menu bar, simply click the Marketplace tab, then click on Top Predictors. Use Instant Search for specific tickers, and Advanced Search to narrow down tickers by asset classes, confidence levels, price ranges, and prediction types (bullish vs. bearish vs. sideways). Once you set up their Advanced Search criteria, use the daily Alerts to remember the specifications, and to receive notifications about the group of stocks. Continue reading...

Academy: Read our Articles and Sign Up for Lessons

Tickeron offers free ebooks to help users learn in-depth information about how to use our products and get tips on how to use certain features to your advantage. Newsletters are a great way to stay in the know. They offer a concise breakdown of the behavior of tagged tickers. To get informed on the latest trends, subscribe to Tickeron newsletters. Under the Academy tab, read up on our free expert blogs to get acquainted with specific tickers and industries, as well as terms, patterns, and trading jargon. Continue reading...

Paper Trades: Learn How to Trade, Risk-Free

Tickeron's Paper Trades are the best way to start trading on paper without losing money. Paper Trades can be used as a testing environment for ideas generated using other products. You can review your gains or losses and adjust your trading style, risk-free. Paper Trades are available for 4,000 stocks, 1,000 ETFs, 30,000 mutual funds, 500 cryptocurrencies, and 100 Forex pairs. From any Tickeron, product page, click the Paper Trades button to extract your trade ideas and test them using Paper Trades. The system will run a record of the securities you want to buy and sell, and will generate the modeled outcome. The more Paper Trades you make, the more statistics Tickeron will generate for you to determine your trading style and preferences. Continue reading...

Backtesting: Trade Ideas with Odds of Success

On Tickeron’s homepage, you will see a news feed just like you would see on Facebook. However, even if you aren’t a subscriber to Tickeron yet, you can use and customize the newsfeed (to a degree). There are several more options for customizing the newsfeed and gaining greater access to information and insights for subscribers. Non-subscribers can filter the news based on asset classes/securities such as stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, and Forex: Continue reading...