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What is Corporate Equity?

What is Corporate Equity?

Corporate equity is retained earnings plus common shares outstanding

What is the Equity Multiplier?

The Equity Multiplier is a number used to compare companies, arrived at by dividing total assets by owner’s equity

What are Fully Diluted Shares?

Fully Diluted Shares are used to show how much the existing shares of common stock could potentially be diluted

What is a Junior Security?

Junior Securities come last in the pecking order if a company gets liquidated; common stock is the most prevalent example
What is a Merger?

What is a Merger?

A merger is the voluntary melding of two companies into one, when the owners believe the change is mutually beneficial

What is Minority Interest?

Minority interest is a portion of a company’s stock that is not owned by the parent company

What is a Warrant?

A warrant is an agreement giving the holder the right to buy (or sell) a certain number of shares of a company

What does 'Poison Pill' Mean?

A ‘poison pill’ is a maneuver by a company to make itself less attractive to a hostile takeover

What is a Hostile Takeover?

A hostile takeover is an acquisition in which the controlling interest of shares has come under the direction of another

What is Private Equity?

In the world of finance, private equity is a relatively new industry whereby private companies finance other businesses

What is 'Pro Forma'?

In a financial statement, “Pro Forma” refers to how figures are presented either in present form or as projections

What is an Accelerated Share Repurchase?

An Accelerated Share Repurchase (ASR) is a method where companies can buy back a significant amount of their shares

What is a Reverse Stock Split?

A reverse stock split reduces the number of shares in circulation by effectively combining the existing shares

What is Cash-Flow Financing?

Cash flow financing is an alternative method of securing a loan, in which cash flows are the collateral, not assets