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Jan 07, 2022
Deere (DE, $380.80) launches self-driving tractor

Deere (DE, $380.80) launches self-driving tractor

Deere unveiled  its first self-driving tractor.  The equipment can be controlled by a farmer from a smartphone and they will also be able to watch the equipment work through a field from a live video.

A standard 8R tractor and the 2430 chisel plow will cost over $500,000.

The company said that it aims to lease out the tractors with the new autonomous equipment already attached.  Jahmy Hindman, chief technology officer for Deere & Co., said the price will likely be "significant" such as a maximum of 10% of the total equipment cost or as much as $50,000.

The autonomous tractor can also refuel itself. A button in the app can trigger the need to move to a preset location in the field, akin to robot vacuums going to its charging station.

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