AUDJPY Forex Tickeron detected bearish FOREX Pattern: Triple Tops on June 13, 2024

Triple Tops
AUDJPY - Australian Dollar - Japan Yen
Emerged: 06/13/24
Breakout: $103.64
Price: $104.47
Target price: $102.76
A.I.dvisor detected a bearish Triple Tops pattern for AUDJPY stock. This pattern was detected on June 13, 2024 . The odds of reaching the target price are 6. The Triple Tops pattern appears when there are three distinct minor Highs (1, 3, 5) at about the same price level. The security is testing the upper resistance level (horizontal line formed by (1, 3, 5). Consider selling the security short or buying a put option at a downward breakout price level. When trading, wait for the confirmation move, which is when the price falls below the breakout level.
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