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4 Tips for Fast, Effective Stock Analysis

Hedge funds and institutional investors traditionally hold a substantial edge in trading, owing largely to their substantial resources dedicated to research and technological advancements. This allows them to develop superior trading platforms that eclipse those accessible to retail investors. However, the introduction of novel artificial intelligence tools is gradually equalizing opportunities for retail investors.

One such tool is Tickeron's Screener. This AI-driven platform offers investors the ability to perform detailed technical and fundamental analyses on individual stocks, industry sectors, or investment themes with just a few mouse clicks. Backed by extensive research, this platform streamlines the process of identifying promising trading ideas, making it more efficient than ever.

Here are five strategies for swift and efficient stock analysis utilizing Tickeron's Screener:

Strategy #1: Examine Stock Categories and Identify Trends

Suppose you have a keen interest in sustainable trading and wish to delve into the world of alternative energy stocks. In that case, there are straightforward methods to promptly identify relevant stocks and discern trends.

Start by navigating to Tickeron's homepage and click on "Trade Ideas." From this point, select the "Category" option and choose "Energy." Within the dropdown menu, you'll find "@AlternativePowerGeneration"—this is your portal to alternative energy stocks.

By scrutinizing the trends within this category, you can attain a broader comprehension of the market and make more informed trading choices. Remember that it's crucial to conduct comprehensive research and analysis before executing any trades.



Upon choosing @AlternativePowerGeneration and clicking 'Go', the Screener swiftly produces results for stocks that belong to this category. As shown in the following image, you will find nine stocks meeting the alternative power specifications. Alongside this, an assortment of technical analysis indicators, graphs, and pertinent data will be displayed (which we'll delve into later).


For the time being, our objective is to assess the performance of this particular category. To accomplish this, we'll select all the pertinent stocks and click on the 'Summaries' button. With a single click, Tickeron's AI swiftly assesses the group to discern the category's trajectory. It's common for stocks within the same sector or category to exhibit a high degree of correlation in their movements. Thus, by leveraging Tickeron's 'Summaries' feature, investors can gain a lucid understanding of the sector's past and predicted future performance.



In the preceding image, you can see Tickeron's AI presenting each stock in the category on the left sidebar, accompanied by a clear and user-friendly group analysis. The AI forecasts a favorable prospect for this category of stocks, indicating a 90% probability of a +4% surge in the following month.

Within mere seconds, you can spot trends in the Alternative Power Industry. For more detailed insights, investors can scroll further down to examine the technical analysis of trade ideas. A brief scroll in this example unveiled a bullish trade proposition for TerraForm Power Inc., a company that manages clean power generation assets.



The AI suggests a 65% likelihood of the stock maintaining its bullish trend, making it a potentially appealing trading idea for investors engaged in this category.

Strategy #2: Detect a Strong Trend, Then Analyze the Sector/Category

Many traders aim to spot resilient trends, then delve deeper to determine whether investment opportunities exist in an overbought or oversold category. For instance, you may single out a sector that has seen a notable appreciation in value over the past week and, upon further investigation, discern that the category is overbought. In such circumstances, a trader might contemplate opportunities to short stocks.

Leveraging Tickeron's Artificial Intelligence, you can conduct all this research, from identifying potent trends to analyzing the category, within a matter of minutes. Here's how it's done:

Go to Tickeron's homepage and click on Screener Home.



On the Screener's homepage depicted in the chart below, we have chosen "Stocks" as the security type for our research and have sorted the results by "Performance." The Screener has autonomously produced the page shown in the image below, where the user can toggle between various performance results over different time intervals, such as daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and five-year periods.

For the purpose of this demonstration, we will focus on the top and bottom three monthly performers from the last month.



As evident, the Screener offers the top three and bottom three monthly performers. This data is invaluable for trend traders as it allows them to trade in alignment or opposition to the trend. For example, if you favor 'bargain hunting' and aim to buy on dips whenever feasible, you may consider the Coal Industry due to its lackluster performance over the past month, with all 13 stocks (100%) in the category demonstrating a downtrend.

Your subsequent step is to scrutinize these 13 Coal stocks for potential opportunities. You can view all 13 stocks listed by simply scrolling down the page (as depicted in the image below). You now have two alternatives: 1) select the stocks you wish to individually analyze, or 2) click 'select all' to evaluate the entire group, as demonstrated below:



Now, it's time to evaluate the group and spot potential trading opportunities. After clicking the "Summaries" button, you'll be redirected to a page showcasing a succinct summary of all 13 Coal Industry stocks. According to this summary, it seems a negative trend may be emerging in this industry, suggesting a potential bearish trading opportunity.



As you proceed with scrolling down, you'll encounter technical indicators and potential trade ideas for individual stocks in the Coal industry. In the case of SunCoke Energy (SXC), it appears to be embroiled in a downtrend, with Tickeron's AI predicting an 88% likelihood of the trend persisting. For investors, this might indicate that it's premature to consider buying the stock amidst its dip.



Strategy #3: Hone Your Search with Tickeron's "Smart" Filter for Valuation, Trend, Price, and Industry

Tickeron Screener's "Smart" Filter enables traders to proficiently sift through stocks using a variety of criteria. To utilize the "Smart" Filter, head over to the Screener Home Page and select the "Smart" tab.



Users can employ Tickeron's "preset" filters to scout for stocks classified as Undervalued, Fairly Valued, or Overvalued. They can also target specific trends such as bullish weeks, bearish weeks, or sideways months, a defined price range, and within a specific industry. This tool provides limitless possibilities for traders to analyze and hunt for potential trades.

For example, suppose we're interested in finding Undervalued stocks exhibiting a Bearish Week within the Pharmaceuticals Industry. Tickeron's AI promptly produces a list of 18 stocks that meet our specific criteria.

However, if we're solely interested in the top five most undervalued stocks from the list, we can conveniently sort them by clicking on Valuation Rating and selecting the top five stocks. We can then assess this group by clicking on 'Summaries' to discover AI-generated trade ideas with the highest probability of success.



Strategy #4: Leverage the “Smart Filter” to Search Using Technical or Fundamental Indicators

The "Smart Filter" tool boasts an extensive array of functionalities when it comes to searching for stocks using technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or a combination of both.

If you are a technical trader who relies on indicators such as Stochastic, Aroon, or Moving Averages, this tool is equipped to serve your needs. Alternatively, if you prefer momentum trading, this tool can also aid in identifying stocks that align with your strategy.



Perhaps you lean towards trading based on fundamental analysis. If that's the case, Tickeron has devised its unique fundamental indicators to offer traders a superior trading experience. These indicators include the Valuation Rating, Profit vs. Risk Rating, SMR Rating, and P/E Growth Rating.

Tickeron's Valuation Rating takes into account multiple key company fundamentals to estimate the price per share for the company. This estimation is then contrasted with the current price per share of the stock to discern whether it is over or undervalued. A rating of 1 signifies the most undervalued stocks within a given industry, while a rating of 100 represents the most overvalued stocks.

Conversely, Tickeron's Profit vs. Risk Rating evaluates a company's performance by scrutinizing the interplay between profit, volatility, and drawdown. The higher the volatility of a high stock price, the larger the potential drawdown. If a company exhibits low volatility but moderate profits, the tool predicts smaller drawdowns. The tradeoff lies between high profit and high volatility (resulting in high drawdown) or low profit and low volatility (resulting in low drawdown).

Tickeron's Price Growth Strength Rating is a tool that contrasts a stock's price surge over the past 12 months with the constituents of the S&P 500 index. Short-term positions are determined by ranking price changes over a period of 1 or 3 months, while long-term positions are established by ranking price changes over a span of 6 or 12 months. The amalgamated short and long-term position is represented by a rating from 1 to 100, with 1 denoting the highest price growth and 100 indicating the lowest.

Tickeron's PE Growth Rating is a tool that compares a stock's PE ratio surge over the previous 12 months with the constituents of the S&P 500 index. A rating from 1 to 100 is assigned, with 1 signifying the highest PE growth and 100 indicating the lowest.

Lastly, Tickeron's SMR (Sales, Margin, Return on Equity) Rating is a tool that compares the weighted values of Sales, Income Margin, and Return on Equity with the constituents of the S&P 500 index. The weighted SMR value is a proprietary formula crafted by Tickeron and represents the overall profitability measure for a stock. A rating from 1 to 100 is assigned, with 1 denoting the highest weighted value and 100 indicating the lowest.

Now, let's explore how to utilize the tool.

To employ Tickeron's Screener, initiate by clicking the Smart filter on the homepage and select the Fundamental & Technical Analysis & Artificial Intelligence tab. If you favor an amalgamation of fundamental and technical analysis, and you have a penchant for using the Aroon indicator, this would be a suitable starting point. From this juncture, you can further tailor your search by selecting the specific criteria that pique your interest, such as market capitalization, sector, and exchange.



In this illustration, we have implemented filters on three distinct levels:

  1. Aroon indicator for BUY signals, showcasing a 90% probability of success, as calculated by Artificial Intelligence.
  2. Valuation Rating, pinpointing undervalued stocks.
  3. Positive SMR rating.

Our aim is to discover undervalued stocks that bear a high probability of appreciating in value, as deduced by Artificial Intelligence. Essentially, we are on the lookout for lucrative buying opportunities.

In a matter of seconds, the Artificial Intelligence algorithm has pinpointed 5 stocks that satisfy our specifications.



Curious about identifying the most undervalued stock among the five? Simply click on the Fundamental Analysis tab and arrange the list in order of the Valuation Rating. According to this approach, the most undervalued stock in this scenario is Delek Logistics Partners LP (ticker: DKL). This could represent your next prospective trading opportunity.



As you can evidently see from going through these tips and applying them yourself, there are numerous, potentially hundreds, of different methods to utilize Tickeron's Screener for discovering trade ideas. Whether you're a technical trader or an investor inclined towards fundamental analysis, there are AI-powered tools at your disposal on Tickeron's platform.

The era of spending countless hours, days, or even weeks conducting research on a specific stock or sector has come to an end. For years, hedge funds and institutional investors have been harnessing the power of technology and Artificial Intelligence to unearth trade ideas in real-time, placing retail investors at a distinct disadvantage.

Now, with Tickeron's Screener, everyday retail investors can effortlessly identify trends, utilize AI for stock analysis, investigate themes or industries, and even filter stocks by fundamental and technical indicators -- all within minutes. Irrespective of your preferred investment style, Tickeron's Screener is an AI-powered tool that can provide you with research-driven trade ideas swiftly and efficiently.

Initiate your journey with this tool today!

Tickeron's Offerings

The fundamental premise of technical analysis lies in identifying recurring price patterns and trends, which can then be used to forecast the course of upcoming market trends. Our journey commenced with the development of AI-based Engines, such as the Pattern Search Engine, Real-Time Patterns, and the Trend Prediction Engine, which empower us to conduct a comprehensive analysis of market trends. We have delved into nearly all established methodologies, including price patterns, trend indicators, oscillators, and many more, by leveraging neural networks and deep historical backtests. As a consequence, we've been able to accumulate a suite of trading algorithms that collaboratively allow our AI Robots to effectively pinpoint pivotal moments of shifts in market trends.

 Disclaimers and Limitations

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