Backtesting: Trade Ideas with Odds of Success

Backtesting: Trade Ideas with Odds of Success

On Tickeron’s homepage, you will see a news feed just like you would see on Facebook. However, even if you aren’t a subscriber to Tickeron yet, you can use and customize the newsfeed (to a degree).

There are several more options for customizing the newsfeed and gaining greater access to information and insights for subscribers.

Non-subscribers can filter the news based on asset classes/securities such as stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, and Forex:



Non-subscribers can also customize the newsfeed “FILTER BY TOPICS” by the type of news they want to see. For example, this function allows users to find news generated from technical analysis, artificial intelligence, price news, earnings news, etc.



Clicking on a tag takes you to a new screen. In the case of the technical analysis tag, the new page shows more options on the indicators a user may want to examine on the left side of the page. A user can choose to receive bullish or bearish news on any indicators— moving averages, RSI, MACD, AROON, and several others. 



To give an example of the results generated by selecting certain tags, the below image shows the technical analysis, MACD, and bullish tags for stocks only. For example, the first stock in the new customized news feed is Esperion Therapeutics (Nasdaq: ESPR). In addition, a user can see that the MACD histogram turned positive, with 41 previous cases in Tickeron’s database which have been backtested.



At this point, not being a subscriber has its limitations. Non-subscribers cannot access the Odds of Success from those 41 previous cases, as shown by the lock symbol in the image above.

With a subscription, however, a user would see the following screenshot:



A subscriber can see that the stock moved higher in 38 of the 41 backtested cases, generating the Odds of Success at 90%. Remember, this was just the first news story listed, and there were a total of 10 stocks that matched the criteria of a bullish MACD signal. Within this customized news feed, a trader can explore all stocks in greater detail with one click.

At the top of the newsfeed, there is a summary line where a user can copy all ten(10) stocks into a clipboard, create a watchlist or a portfolio:



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