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Be a Market Leader: Tickeron's Robot Achieves Winning Trades!

The Tickeron quant team is pleased to introduce our top-performing robot, which has achieved over 75% profitable trades in the past week. This AI Robot is built exclusively for trend traders who embrace the art of manual trading and prioritize independent signal selection. With a track record of consistent trading predictions, it empowers traders to make informed choices that align with their individual preferences. The past week in the US stock market has been marked by increased volatility. Although the market overall has experienced growth, sharp corrections during trading sessions have resulted in losses for many traders. During such volatile periods, it is crucial to use effective trading algorithms that can generate a high number of accurate predictions about future stock price movements.

Trend Trader, Popular Stocks: Price Action Trading Strategy (TA&FA)

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Strategic Features and Technical Basis

The core strength of this robot lies in its adeptness at capitalizing on uptrends for optimal gains, while strategically employing advanced hedging techniques to harness profitability during short-term market corrections. The algorithm operates on a distinct, intricate approach that identifies potent price impulses across varying market conditions, considering volatility and historical price patterns. Upon pinpointing the situation with the highest probability of sustained price movement, the analysis shifts to the next phase: identifying the ideal entry point utilizing a proprietary set of indicators that evaluate both medium-term and short-term trends.

Position and Risk Management

Our methodology accommodates both long and short positions, tailoring strategies to suit each scenario. For long positions, a pragmatic approach is implemented: a fixed take profit of 5% and a medium-term trailing stop are activated to ensure maximal gains during uptrends. Conversely, for short positions, a distinct strategy is employed. Post-initiation, a fixed take profit of 3% is instituted, accompanied by a dynamically adaptive trailing stop contingent upon prevailing market volatility. This framework is meticulously calibrated to enable swift gains from short-term market fluctuations while maintaining a calculated risk profile.

Trading Strategy and Stock Selection

In our trading endeavors, we opt for the most liquid and actively traded stocks within the dynamic US stock market. This judicious selection streamlines trade execution at desired entry points, alleviating concerns about spreads and liquidity. Additionally, our decision-making is informed by fundamental indicators, steering us clear of shares associated with subpar business quality, and consequently, minimizing exposure to potential risks like bankruptcy or delisting.


Join Us for Precision Trading with Cutting-Edge Technology: Top-Performing Robot Achieves 75% Success Rate Amid Market Volatility!

Disclaimers and Limitations

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