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Do I Need a more Specialized Financial Advisor?

Some advisors have practices that focus on specific types of investments or niche markets.

If your investment portfolio seems to be lacking a particular area and you are not confident that your current advisor or you yourself can take on the challenge of incorporating the changes you desire, then you may want to speak with a more specialized advisor in that particular area.

Similarly, some advisors focus on specific types of clients, such as medical professionals, and if such a category suites you then you may find that your needs are best met by someone who deals with people like you most often. There are some designations and certifications that advisors can earn beyond the standard ones, which may cause them to be sought out on certain topics or investments.

These specialized services often come at a higher premium that the non-specialized ones, and an investor will have to weigh the cost/benefit ratio based on available information.

Should I Pay for Financial Planning Services?
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