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How can I check if my portfolio is diversified?

How can I check if my portfolio is diversified?

There aren’t many easy-to-find tools on the web or elsewhere to help an investor check how well diversified a portfolio is.

Tickeron is setting out to change that.

With our proprietary Diversification Score® tool, an investor can input each of their portfolio holdings, and our Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) will provide a score indicating how well diversified the portfolio is.

An investor generally wants to make sure that they do not have too many assets allocated to one region, style, or sector, and that they have sufficient exposure across asset classes if that is their goal.

For mutual funds, this task can be more difficult, since a mutual fund has hundreds and hundreds of positions within it. An investor that owns several mutual funds is likely to have more overlap in their portfolio than they might imagine.

Tickeron’s Diversification ® tool accounts for that as well.

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