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How Do I Know I’m Getting Credit for the Years I’ve Worked?

How Do I Know I’m Getting Credit for the Years I’ve Worked?

Create an online Social Security Account — Here

For about a decade from 2000-2010, every worker in America would receive an annual statement in the mail. This fell subject to budget cuts, and today workers are encouraged to go online to view their social security information. Some workers receive mailings every 5 years to remind them if they have not signed up for the online statements.

Starting in 1999, the Social Security Administration mailed 4-page annual statements to over 150 million workers. About 500,000 of these were delivered every day, at an annual cost of about $70 million. Budget costs eventually caused the statements to go paperless for a while, and as of 2016, workers who have not registered online will receive a letter every 5 years that contains a statement and information about how to register for the online statements.

The Social Security Administration will honor requests for statements, and has responded to over 40 million such requests over time. The Social Security Administration is very good at keeping records, and you can rest assured that you are getting credit for the work you do.

Their website,, makes it easy to register and view your statement, but you may have to access the site during business hours.

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