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If hedge funds are using AI for investing, why shouldn't you?

In the contemporary era of digital revolutions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reshaping numerous sectors, and the financial market is no exception. Today, AI's impressive role in the financial landscape is more substantial than ever, with big names in the financial sphere sinking massive investments into developing advanced algorithms. These algorithms are capable of analyzing complex market patterns, spotting trends, and executing trades autonomously. All of these are aimed at seizing any lucrative opportunity that arises from the most minute price fluctuations.

This surge of AI in finance is so impactful that the leading five hedge funds worldwide are all leveraging system-based methodologies to navigate the financial markets. As per Hedge Fund Research (HFR), hedge funds implementing quantitative trading currently oversee $918 billion. This constitutes 30% of the vast $3 trillion hedge fund industry, and the numbers keep escalating year after year.

Over the years, hedge funds have increasingly turned towards AI and automated trading systems. This move was highlighted when BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager, revealed plans to restructure its stock investing business to incorporate more computer trading. Although this signifies the downsizing of its human workforce by about 40 portfolio managers and employees, BlackRock views it as the next logical stride towards business expansion. Mark Wiseman, who spearheads BlackRock's equities operations, said, "the old way of people sitting in a room picking stocks, thinking they are smarter than the next guy—that does not work anymore."

This evolution paints a clear picture: AI is edging past human intelligence in financial market operations, a reality that investors worldwide are starting to embrace. In the previous year alone, a massive $83 billion was withdrawn from discretionary hedge fund managers, while $13 billion found its way into quant hedge funds. In essence, machines are now the tour de force in the hedge fund landscape.

Given this backdrop, one may wonder, if the most sophisticated hedge fund investors are pivoting towards AI, why shouldn't retail investors follow suit? Up until recently, retail investors have been sidelined from harnessing AI in any investment platform. They also lacked the necessary technology and resources to process vast amounts of data required for these operations.

The good news, however, is that the tide is changing. With Tickeron's innovative investment platform, retail investors can now tap into the immense potential of AI for a variety of tasks. These include identifying stock patterns and trends, testing portfolio diversification, and conjuring investment ideas that boost diversification. Additionally, Tickeron's platform enables investors to back-test their trading results against various stock patterns, among other beneficial features.

Indeed, the era of AI exclusivity in top-tier hedge funds is fading. AI is now within reach for everyday investors, democratizing the landscape that was once the domain of financial elites. If you're curious to learn more and join this technological revolution in the financial market, check out

In conclusion, as AI continues to redefine the investment landscape, it's a ripe time for retail investors to embrace this trend. Following in the footsteps of industry leaders and hedge funds, they can leverage AI to make informed and strategic investment decisions. After all, if AI is the new normal for industry giants, why shouldn't it be for you?

If you're interested in stock patterns, you can identify 37 different pattern types across thousands of stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies on Tickeron's platformCheck it out!

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We've gone above and beyond to make sure our products are top-notch. Our team has explored nearly every existing method, from price patterns to trend indicators to oscillators, using neural networks and deep historical backtests. This has allowed us to create a pool of trading algorithms that work together seamlessly to help our AI Robots effectively determine the key points of change in market trends. Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your trading to the next level with our premium products!

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