Learn How to Get Human Intelligence Insight with Community Predictors

Learn How to Get Human Intelligence Insight with Community Predictors


Tickeron’s Community Trend Predictors allows you to see how others in the community vote and follow them to hear more about their trade ideas. Check out predictors by their ranking, and learn more about prediction types and statistics.

To access, from the menu bar, simply click the Marketplace tab, then click on Top Predictors.



Use Instant Search for specific tickers, and Advanced Search to narrow down tickers by asset classes, confidence levels, price ranges, and prediction types (bullish vs. bearish vs. sideways). Once you set up their Advanced Search criteria, use the daily Alerts to remember the specifications, and to receive notifications about the group of stocks. 

Click the “Edit” button next to Alert Settings to only receive alerts for a particular set of criteria.

It’s possible to elect to receive alerts for various asset classes, as well as prediction types, in addition to industries (categories) and particular tickers.


To edit the stocks or any of the assets classes, or to add certain tickers, click edit.




Here’s how to set up Advanced Search:



Click the “edit” button next to the selected security (Stock, ETF, or FOREX), in order to only view a particular industry or family.



Then, click on the assets to vote on the trend and subsequently see how others voted.



You can bookmark predictions in order to see whether they are realized, as well as track your own predictions.

The right-hand side of the page contains the overall rankings across all users that make predictions. The overall rankings are determined as described below and are useful to keep in mind when getting investing and trading inspiration from other users.

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