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Should I Trust an Article Such as “What Are the Best Mutual Funds?”

Probably not, but it might get you thinking in the right direction. The short answer is “no.” The title of such an article should be enough to deter your from it.

If such information were widely available, everyone would instantly act on it and nobody would be able to profit. In fact, if such lists are analyzed, almost none of the funds will appear on the next year’s list.

That’s too bad, since mutual funds are not meant to be as liquid as stocks and ETFs, but are designed to be held for 3 years or more.

Unfortunately it’s all too easy for large popular magazines and websites to come up with such lists, some of which favor their major advertisers, and spur small-town investors on to action, despite there being no track record of validity to the lists.

There’s no easy way out when it comes to investing, and a magazine article which claims to give you one usually won’t lead you to financial prosperity.

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