When Should I Start Saving Money?

The answer is simple and needs only common sense to understand: you should begin saving as soon as you can!

However, because of most people’s spending habits and the day-to-day realities of life, it is often difficult to follow that advice.

Let’s compare how your savings would accumulate, depending on the age at which you begin to save. Your total savings will be much greater by the time you want to retire – say when you’re 65 – if you invest $5000/year at age 25 for just 10 years, than if you continuously invested $10,000/year at age 35, or $15,000/year at age 45.

Saving at an early age almost always yields better long-term accumulation and growth. If you begin investing at an older age, you will need to invest a higher amount and seek a higher return than if you had started earlier.

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