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What is AARP?

What is AARP?

One of the largest and most influential groups in the country is the American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP.

It is a nonprofit organization whose mission is the improvement of the quality of life for its members. The group is one of the largest entities in the country, and it’s free monthly magazine has a higher circulation than any other publication in the United States.

Its membership consists of over 40 million American citizens over the age of 50. Members receive many benefits each year, including many discounts and coupons on food, lodging, travel, and so on, for dues around $20 per person per year.

It does have subsidiaries, however, that receive compensation for the insurance products that are sold through partnerships with major insurers. These products include Medicare supplement policies, long term care insurance, life insurance, health insurance, prescription plans, and other forms of insurance.

Reports have stated that AARP partnership insurance agreements will be the largest source of insurance policies sold in the United States. The organization engages in lobbying activities for the interests of senior Americans and has been instrumental in the creation of legislation that benefits seniors, such as Medicare Part D.

AARP engages in volunteer and service activities including educational seminars and materials.

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