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What are Fibonacci Fans?

Fibonacci Fans are a technical analysis tool that intertwines traditional Fibonacci lines and Fibonacci channels. They harness the radial power of Fibonacci levels, sketching trendlines from a significant point, like a market peak or trough. This pattern is then used to forecast potential retracement or extension points, thereby offering an insightful view into the potential market movement.

The application of Fibonacci Fans in trading stems from a belief held by several investors - that market behavior, much like several natural systems, mirrors fractal-like patterns measurable via the Fibonacci sequence and the Golden Ratio. The omnipresence of the Golden Ratio in our world, from the spiral of a Nautilus shell to the harmony of musical chords, along with mathematical fractal patterns, validates this belief. Such Fibonacci numbers tie into the study of chaos theory, aiming to unveil order in intricate systems. Given the abundant data and countless variables in the markets, these are ideal grounds to hunt for Fibonacci patterns.

Understanding Fibonacci Fans: Delving into the Golden Ratio

The application of Fibonacci lines in trading leverages the proportions of the Golden Ratio, specifically 61.8% and its extension 161.8%, alongside the secondary separation level at 38.2%. These ratios may extend to even third-degree separations or the square roots of the aforementioned figures. Generally, values over 100% denote extensions, while values under 100% symbolize retracements.

Fibonacci fans emanate from a single point, either a peak or a trough, which serves as the radial origin for the fan lines. These lines pass through the common, vertically positioned retracement levels up to the next peak or trough. From here, the lines expand outward, reminiscent of vectors or rays.

Functionality of Fibonacci Fans: Similar Yet Distinct from Fibonacci Channels

The pathways of the fan lines bear resemblance to Fibonacci channel lines as they progress to the right, upwards or downwards. However, these aren't parallel lines and hence, fulfill a subtly different purpose. Analysts leverage these fan lines as benchmarks for identifying market reversals, and determining support and resistance levels over a certain time frame, provided the price hovers near the fan lines.

The Future of Fibonacci Fans in Trading: Leveraging Advanced Computing Power

The incorporation of Fibonacci fans in trading is still an emerging concept. However, the relentless growth in available computing power is enhancing traders' ability to discover the commonalities that will render this investment theory more usable, precise, and trustworthy.

Cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence offer powerful tools to assess trade ideas, scrutinize signals, and validate key confirmations, all of which bolster investors' decision-making capabilities. By helping traders make rational, emotion-free, and effective trading decisions, AI systems like those from Tickeron are leading the way in bringing sophisticated analytical capabilities to the broader trading community.

Fibonacci Fans are an intriguing and powerful tool in the world of technical analysis. Their unique approach, using natural order to forecast market trends, sets them apart in the complex world of trading. The future promises greater accuracy and usability for this trading theory, aided by the continuous advancements in artificial intelligence and computing power. Thus, traders who master the use of Fibonacci Fans can look forward to harnessing their full potential, creating more accurate predictions, and ultimately securing their position in the trading market.


Fibonacci Fans are a charting technique that combines traditional Fibonacci lines and Fibonacci channels. They use the Fibonacci levels in a radial way, drawing trendlines from a point of primary importance, such as a low or peak, to identify future points of retracement or extension.

Some investors believe that, like many naturally occurring systems in nature, market behavior will exhibit some fractal-like forms that can be measured with Fibonacci sequence numbers and the Golden Ratio. Modern computing power has uncovered plentiful examples of the Golden Ratio in nature, from Nautilus shells to musical harmonics, as well as mathematical fractal patterns. Fibonacci numbers are related to the study of chaos theory, which seeks to find order in complex systems. Since the markets have so many variables, but no lack of data, they are an excellent place to search for Fibonacci patterns.

The Fibonacci lines used in trading use the proportion of the Golden Ratio (61.8% and 161.8%) as well as second (38.2%) degree separations and even third degrees or roots of the above. In general, extensions are the values over 100% and retracements are values under 100%.

Fibonacci fans are drawn using a peak or a trough as the radial origin for the fan lines. Fan lines are drawn through a normal set of vertically arranged retracement levels at the next peak or trough, after which they continue out like a vectors or rays.

Fan lines end up functioning a little like Fibonacci channel lines, since they continue out to the right and upward or downward, but since they aren’t parallel lines they serve a slightly different purpose. Analysts use these fan lines as reference points for reversals, support, and resistance for a period of time, as long as they stay around the ballpark of the price.

The use of Fibonacci fans in trading is still in its early stages, but ever-growing computing power available to traders increases their ability to find the common threads that will make this investment theory more usable, accurate, and reliable. These include artificial intelligence services from Tickeron, which provide traders with powerful ways to evaluate trade ideas, analyze signals, and provide key confirmation to help investors make rational, emotionless, and effective trading decisions.

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