Learn Forex Trading

Learn Forex Trading

FOREX is an international market which allows participants to exchange various currencies at the current rates of exchange and in the future.

Forex trading can be profitable but it can also be risky. The daily volume of FOREX is about 3 trillion dollars, which dwarfs equity trading internationally in terms of daily volume, being somewhere around $30 billion.

With so much movement and liquidity, it can also dwarf equity markets in terms of volatility. This can present a large amount of risk if investors are not knowledgeable and prepared to hedge or exit their positions. Nothing should be invested In Forex positions that an investor cannot stand to lose.

The markets are influenced by international politics and news events from all around the world, which can be nearly impossible to parse. The main movers in these markets are very large international banking and investment institutions which are using much more information and research than the average investor has access to, and the price action may make no sense to a retail-level investor.

Also, since these markets do not stop at a closing bell, you will need to have hedges in place so that you can actually sleep without getting wiped out. The bottom line is to be careful.