What is Form 2106-EZ: Unreimbursed Employee Business Expenses?

IRS Link to Form — Found Here

Some necessary expenses paid in the course of performing the duties of a job will go unreimbursed by an employer but are eligible for tax deduction. These can be filed by the employee on a 2106 or a 2106-EZ.

The 2106-EZ is, of course, the simpler of the two, and allows for standard mileage deductions and most of the common types of related deductions. Unreimbursed business expenses are expenses that can be considered necessary to performing a job, such as paying for business-related insurance or professional organization dues, that aren’t paid for by an employer. These can be used to file for tax deductions on a 2106 or 2106-EZ.

The most common type of deduction in this category is vehicle mileage. 2106-EZ allows for mileage deductions and some other common expense deductions, but is not appropriate for a highly detailed expense deduction, for which one would use a regular 2106. Other expenses which can be deducted here include continuing education classes, software, subscriptions to industry publications, union dues, and more.

Only unreimbursed expenses which exceed 2% of your adjusted gross income will count towards a deduction in most cases. Other types of deductions may not have the 2% threshold requirement.