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What is Publication 504, Divorced and Separated individuals?

IRS Link to Publication — Found Here

Divorce can be a hard thing on a personal level, and the tax returns can become more difficult to sort through as well.

Publication 504 walks through the various choices available to those who are divorced or separated and who may need to adjust how their dependents are claimed, how property is divided up or sold, and who pays the taxes due at the time of divorce. Publication 504 gives detailed instructions concerning how to correctly report and file the proceeds of divorce.

The guide covers alimony, child custody and dependent status, qualified domestic relations order (QDROs), and more. QDROs are court-ordered distributions of a qualified retirement plan which give a non-employee spouse rights to a share of the assets within the plan.

Other related forms and filings described are Form 8332 to change child custody, and forms to relieve a spouse of a tax burden which should arguably lie with the other spouse.

Keywords: dependents, Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDROs), claiming dependents, alimony, divorce settlement,