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What is Medicare Part B?

What is Medicare Part B?

Medicare Part B covers some doctors visits, outpatient care, and many other services not covered by Part A. There is a standard premium which is around $100/month for those receiving social security benefits at the same time.

Medicare Part B covers outpatient procedures – visits to the doctor, regular checkups, physical therapy, etc. In other words, it covers medical expenses that don’t involve a hospital stay. Medicare Part A is free (if you’ve contributed to Social Security for at least 10 years), but Part B comes with a price tag.

Currently, the monthly premium you have to pay is $134. The premium is increased based on reported income, but it is decreased by a factor when social security benefits are received. There is also an annual deductible $183 per year, and after that the insured person is responsible for 20% of the “Medicare-approved amount” for most services.

It is some of the most affordable insurance a person can buy, but not necessarily the most robust. To provide additional coverage, people purchase third-party Medicare Supplement policies (found here).

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