What is Medicare Part C?

What is Medicare Part C?

Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage, is offered in a few variations by several third-party carriers.

These plans are approved by Medicare and a person must still pay their Part B premiums to get them, but the Medicare Advantage plans are designed to be more appealing with their deductibles and copays than original Medicare Part A and Part B. Medicare Part C, is a private plan that is mandated to be at least equal in coverage to Part A and Part B.

There is a wide variety of Medicare Advantage plans, however, and while some provide extensive coverage beyond Parts A and B, some do not. Some of the additional coverages provided include dental, vision, and so forth. They tend to operate with HMO or PPO networks.

The monthly premiums vary from state to state and depend on the private insurer you select. You must already have Part A and B, and pay the Part B premium. A person can only elect to join a Part C plan during the Annual Election Period each year, and can only dis-enroll during the Disenrollment Period.

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