Where Do I Buy Life Insurance?

Where Do I Buy Life Insurance?

There is no clear-cut answer this question.

There are many companies that offer life insurance and countless salespeople and brokers anxious to sell an insurance policy. You should buy your Life Insurance from a company that is reliable, financially stable, and reputable. You can find a policy yourself online or through an agent or advisor.

Of course, you must do research and analyze the companies which you are considering very carefully. It is of utmost importance to be sure that your insurance company has policies that suit your needs and are not a scam, especially since this may be some of the most important insurance you can own.

There is a lot of money on the line, so companies should do thorough underwriting for your health and background that will require a blood test and full background check that you should be prepared for.

Any company that does not seem diligent on the front end will probably make it hard for your beneficiaries to get paid if you die, since they will probably have an unfavorable mortality experience.

Bear in mind that unlike other types of bargain shopping, you need to be able to count on this company still being around and going strong in 20, 30 or even 40 or 50 years.

This is a unique situation that most consumers are not prepared for.

You may have to pass up a lower premium to get a company that will actually be there down the road. Companies with a rating of B and lower are not likely to be around that long. Some brokers are in the habit of just selling the lowest premium they can find to get the sale.

Be sure that the person advising you on this has your best interest in mind. Agents, likewise, may be “captive”, meaning they can only offer one company and will do their best to make it sound like the most amazing thing ever.

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