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Who Are We?

Tickeron is an interactive marketplace that provides sophisticated AI-driven trading tools to investors and traders.  

Tickeron’s founders are Ph.D. mathematicians and quants who have spent several years researching and building AI-powered search engines capable of performing thousands of hours of investment research in minutes. 

Long-time investors understand that predicting a security's price direction involves a considerable amount of research, guesswork, and ultimately, luck. What much of the investment community has been missing, however, is a data-rich process for determining statistical probabilities of a security’s future price direction. Most investors have neither the time nor the tools to gather this data and do this work. 

Tickeron’s founders sought to address this issue by leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms. The team spent years exploring how to build AI capable of reliably identifying patterns and trends in the stock market and other markets. In the process, Tickeron’s team has built several AI trading tools useful for both technical and fundamental investors. 

Over the course of Tickeron’s history, we have integrated several cutting edge investment websites into a single financial super-community, creating the ultimate investor destination for financial information and portfolio management. Our first official product was, where our AI tools helped retail investors gauge how well their portfolio was diversified by generating a Diversification Score®. 

Since then, we have moved deeper into the trading world creating AI-driven products that Swing traders and Day traders can use to research and generate trade ideas. Two popular tools are for pattern recognitions and trend predictions.


In our most recent growth and development phase, we are building real time AI Robots for signals as well as for taking Assets Under Management (AUM). 

 Disclaimers and Limitations

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