WNXM.X Crypto Tickeron detected bullish Crypto Pattern: Head-and-Shoulders Bottom on May 07, 2024

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Head-and-Shoulders Bottom
WNXM.X - Wrapped NXM cryptocurrency
Emerged: 05/07/24
Confirmed: 05/10/24
Breakout: $67.68
Price: $62.7
Target price: $72.37
A.I.dvisor detected a bullish Head-and-Shoulders Bottom pattern for WNXM.X stock. This pattern was detected on May 07, 2024 and confirmed on May 10, 2024 . The odds of reaching the target price are 6. The Head-and-Shoulders Bottom pattern is formed when the price of a security creates a center trough (the inverted head, labeled 3) and the left and right inverted shoulders (1, 5). After reaching the lowest low (the Head, 3) the next low is shallower and the trend reverses course to the upside. Consider buying a security or a call option at the low once the pattern is confirmed, which is known as the breakout point. The pattern is confirmed when the price breaks above the Neckline (2,4).
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