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FAQ: AI Trend Prediction Engine

1. Q: Why don’t I get predictions on some TIckers?

Kindly note that the Tred prediction engine is dependent on the parameters selected. The AI considers these parameters to generate the best possible outcome. The number of predictions may vary, and there may be instances where no predictions are available due to the chosen conditions. However, you can modify these filters and switch between them to explore more predictions. 

2. Q: What does the confidence represent?

3. Q: How do I calculate the distance to the target?
The Trend Prediction engine is just a Technical analysis tool, not necessarily giving you where to enter or exit a trade but the trend in which a trade is going also shows the target to reach in percentage. (For example, "2% target not reached yet" ) 

You can verify how well the trade will go by the odds of success (in this case 90%) and using previous predictions.



4. Q: How do I know where to put my stop loss?

We always advise for 3% stop loss from entry price unless stated otherwise, but understand that this is a technical analysis tool and therefore shows only the direction of prediction.


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